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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes


I’m a detective!  Or at least that’s the sentiment I have when I’m playing The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. I only found out about it a few days before release, and decided to take a gander and see what Frogwares had developed. I realized my purchase was the right one when the game reminded me to save, and when during the loading screen I received a historical tidbit. I am almost finished the game and I can still say that this purchase is definitely worthwhile.

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A Review of Tapfish


My luck with fish has been rather tenuous over the years. My first one actually lasted almost a year. The next ones after that lasted less than 24 hours (both of them), although I think that was due to the fact that they were $0.77 each and that I had bought them from a tank with a dead fish in it. Later on I purchased minnows and they lasted a while (I even had a snail growing!) before donating them to my friend after a few close calls with my cat. 

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Dark Legends


I’ve never played an MMO.  Ever.  So when Jen asked me if I wanted to review Dark Legends, a free game available via android or Google Chrome, I was intrigued.  As it turned out, for a nearly free game, it’s really quite excellent.  

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Mass Effect 3 Review Week: Keller’s Review


With regards to giving critique and other sorts of feedback, there is something I like called the sandwich technique.  You give the praise first, add the criticism in the middle, and then follow it up with more praise.  Despite the ending that left me feeling quite melancholy after completing the game, Mass Effect 3 had many wonderful story and gameplay aspects that make it one of the best games I’ve ever played.

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Old Game, New Review – Fallout: New Vegas


“Wonderful,” I thought to myself as I stood in the clinic, in front of the man who rescued me.  “More brown.”  A negative sentiment toward a game before you’re even past the character creator is always a wonderful sign.  Truth be told, I should have known what I was getting myself into with Fallout: New Vegas.  Having had issues with the bland colour palate in Fallout 3, the dusty brown tint of the Mojave Wasteland should have come as no surprise.  With that in mind, you might be wondering why I picked up a game that, gameplay-wise, is near identical […]

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Mass Effect 3’s James Vega Gets His Own Trailer


More Mass Effect 3 news for our lovely Save Game readers! James Vega, one of the newer editions to Commander Shepard’s squad, makes his debut in Mass Effect 3, and is voiced by the lovely Freddie Prinze Jr. BioWare has slowly been releasing more information with regards to the characters we can encounter in Mass Effect 3, so this trailer is a real treat. Fans may have already been introduced to Vega before with the digital comic Mass Effect: Conviction, but today a trailer offering more character insight was released on In it, Vega is sparring with Commander Shepard, […]

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Score a date with Commander Shepard’s Male VA


If any of you Save Game readers happen to be passing through Edmonton, Alberta, on January 21st this month, then you might want to stop by the Rapid Fire Theatre. An auction is happening on that Saturday to raise money toward the festival Improvaganza (occurring in June) – money raised will be going toward travel funds for visiting artists at that time.

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Professor Layton and the Last Specter Review


Professor Layton and the Last Specter was originally released in 2009. Apparently Japan liked the game so much they kept it to themselves until a last few months.  I must say that I can’t blame them.  This game is quite a gem, and a refreshing change of pace than more combat-based games than I am used to.

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Sins of the Flesh Review


I was browsing through the Xbox Indie titles and saw Sins of the Flesh, a new release by Silver Dollar Games.  The name itself sounds rather sinister, and when I took a look at the tagline, the game intrigued me even more; I had the feeling there might be something more to it than I presumed. My intuition was right, and I was pleasantly surprised by this inconspicuous game.  Sins of the Flesh is not long, nor is the gameplay complex, but the game shines in its story and atmosphere.

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Impossible Game is Impossible But Fun!


I have not been getting enough sleep or proper nutrition, as have many others in the Save Game community. However, while the others have been neglecting those necessities via copious amounts of Skyrim, I have been doing this via The Impossible Game.

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