Adam Long, Author at Save Game

Concentration is the Name of the Game

Have you found it hard to concentrate on things? Ever find yourself doing several things at once when you only set out to do one thing? Then Brain Age: Concentration Training for Nintendo 3DS is the game for you.

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Getting the band back together

Dust off your canes, your sleep darts, and your vans ladies and gentlemen, The Cooper gang is back in town. When we last saw our friends, they’d just unlocked the Cooper Vault by defeating the evil Dr. M and going down the lineage of the Cooper family, using their storied and useful thieving techniques with Sly to witness his family’s history and understand the infamy that comes with the Cooper name. Well, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, takes that to an entirely new level.

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Time to Rev up the Harley


When we last put on the cowl of the Dark knight, he was tasked with finding a way to stop Hugo Strange, the warden of the mega prison Arkham City, from executing “Protocol 10”. After fighting through some of the more famous names of his rogues gallery, including a rematch with his old pal the Joker, it ended in the Joker dying of the poison in his blood from the titan formula he ingested in the previous game Arkham Asylum. If you Entered the Sionis steel mill after the conclusion of the game and activated a Harley head statue all […]

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She Has Arrived: More Love for Mass Effect 3’s Female Shepard


Since its inception, the Mass Effect franchise has been all about the player. The story being affected by your choices is one of the premier features of the game: whether it’s being nice to a council of aliens to get them to help you, or pushing a mercenary out of a window because he won’t give you information, your choices matter. While BioWare has consistently used the facial scan of Dutch male model Mark Vanderloo for the Shepard in the commercials and trailers, there’s always been the option to make a custom Shepard to suit your preferences of how you […]

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