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Dead Island: Riptide – You want more Dead Island? You got it!

I came a few months late to the Dead Island party.  I bought the game fairly quickly, but due to the packed nature of the latter half of 2011 I didn’t get around to it till April of 2012.  From then on I was hooked.  It’s one of the few games from the past few years I routinely go back to over and over.  So, you can imagine my eagerness when Riptide was announced.  I pre-ordered the first day it was allowed.  Still, there was some anxiety that they’d change up too much or screw with what worked in the […]

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Assassin’s Creed 3 Review: Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.

It’s here, the long awaited third numbered game in the franchise, which sees a new assassin finally arriving after three Ezio games. Do we finally get our answers to the burning question of the past 4 games?  Did the newest assassin measure up to the lineage of Ezio and Altair? Did Desmond’s story come to a fitting conclusion?  Yes… and no.  It’s a bit of a mixed bag sadly, when there was so much potential.

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Hitman: Absolution – Welcome Back 47. You were sorely missed.

I’ve been a fan of Hitman and Agent 47 since the first game on PC and the subsequent releases on the PS2 and 360.  I enjoyed the freedom the game allowed within the game to achieve your goals as you see fit.  But I’ll be the first to admit, the stories were rather bare and at times the rather clunky controls a frustrating experience.  But you just couldn’t argue with a game that offered you so many ways to do things, especially when you could do them in style.  Absolution, however, merges that freedom of choice with a fairly amazing […]

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And Walking Down the Aisle…WWE13

WWE 13_Screenshots_01

Let’s be honest, you are either a wrestling fan or you aren’t. So let’s just say that this game is almost exclusively meant and designed for wrestling fans. So if you aren’t, this review probably wouldn’t mean much to you period. But for you wrestling fans, I know many of you are disenfranchised with the television product right now.  Hear me out. WWE13 provides that experience that many of us have been left wanting for some years. That feeling of old when the magic of wrestling is oozing from the ring is here and it’s here in so many ways.

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Modding Dragon Age: Origins – The Essentials


WARNING – The Nexus is a site that caters to many modding tastes, therefore there will be content that is NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK that includes nudity and depictions of graphic sexual content. In order to view such content, you must be a member of the site and registration is free, but you have been warned. Now that I have your attention…

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Diablo III Review


I am a huge Diablo fan. I’ll admit right now that I lost myself for many, many hours between the first two games. So when I heard that after 12 long years Diablo was finally getting a third installment – you can imagine how stoked I was. The disappointment I felt after playing through the game, however, is something I could never have imagined.

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Mass Effect 3 Review Week: Griffon’s Review

me3-launch 9

There are very few games I can say had me cheering, growling, crying, and at the edge of my seat at various points throughout the game. Mass Effect 3 is one of them. But then considering both Mass Effect 1 and 2 were the same, I am not really surprised by this. This game is damn near perfect.

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ME3 Demo Impressions


There are minor spoilers within this article based on the content of the demo. If you wish to go into Mass Effect 3 completely pure, then do not read! I’ve spent almost a week with the Mass Effect 3 demo now. All it is telling me is that I can’t wait any longer for this game. I need it now. I must find out how it ends, even if that is in multiple possible ways. And I must have my happily ever after with a certain marine and a certain raven haired biotic. There isn’t much to this short demo […]

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An Empty World


Playing through the Mass Effect franchise in preparation for ME3 and the never ending runs through Dragon Age: Origins after chugging through Skyrim late last year has brought to light a striking dichotomy in the world of gaming: the freedom of an open world versus the freedom of choice.

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Escaping Reality


I think I game to fill a void in my life.  There is a sense of disconnection, a definite feeling that I have no control, and just a lack of purpose.  I hate it.  And in so many ways gaming offers a balm for that pain.  It eases the burden, even if only slightly sometimes, and it gives me something that maybe only music will ever transcend: a sense of wonder and hope.  Some might not understand this at all.  Actually quite sure a few might snicker at this revelation.  But then I look at the world around me and […]

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