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Dead or Alive 5 Review – How do you weaponise a ninja?

Straight up; I’m no expert on fighting games, having only played them casually Back in the Day. Additionally, my only contact with the Dead or Alive series was the movie, which I’m convinced is a parody of video game movies more than anything else. Though I’m kind of scared how much character recognition this gave me during this review.

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Review – Borderlands 2

Oh Pandora, you’re still a crapsack world, but I love you. Of course, I can only express my love through violence…

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The Empress’ Outlaw – Dishonored Review


The First Person Sneaker is one of those polarising sub-genres; you either love it or you hate it. Some people don’t have the time for it either due to lack of patience, skill or interest. Others lap it up.

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