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Review – Deadpool

This was a game that was always going to be a risk to make. In every moment of Deadpool, you know that High Moon has endeavoured to embrace the diverse facets of this character. Whether villain, anti-hero or fourth-wall-demolitions-expert, the character’s verbose tendencies had to translate from the comics to the video game. However, this also required High Moon Studios to translate two aspects of the Merc with the Mouth that are controversial, both in this game and in general – playful violence and gore, and male superiority. As a lady gamer, it has been very hard to explain why […]

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Review – Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

I did not purchase Donkey Kong Country Returns when it came out on the Wii. As a devout fan of the original 1994 SNES platformer, the original Donkey Kong Country already had a home on my Wii. While Retro Studios did enough to provide a good paintjob for the upgraded hardware, it came with the shortfall of the Wiimote, and this clumsy interface eventually predicted failure for the homage to one of Rare’s finest creations.

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Review – Injustice Gods Among Us

There has been enough debate regarding the construction of narrative in video games. I understand the merit, but can’t help but think that it sometimes turns out to be a cyclic argument as to who creates meaning in video games. While some see the player engagement as a support system for the story, others believe that the gameplay itself is how a player makes meaning and the story naturally matures through the individual context of the player.

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