Scott, Author at Save Game

Review – Runescape

I know what you are thinking. Why is Scott reviewing that old game? Isn’t it full of 8 year olds smack talking each other? Doesn’t it have graphics that are 10 years old? Isn’t it a grind? Read on for the answer to all of those questions and more!

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Review – Neverwinter

Just the name Neverwinter conjures up such strong and vivid memories in most D&D lovers that it’s almost synonymous with dungeon crawling goodness. And D&D lovers are in for a treat, as that is exactly what this game is full of and at a price that most people can’t argue with – Free!

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Review – Defiance

You may have seen the show by now. You may have played the game. But what is Defiance? Put simply, it’s an ok show that might take some time to warm to, but it’s also a very confused game. Let me explain that statement before you agree or disagree, but for the record, I have enjoyed playing Defiance.

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