Better PS4 Streaming and Sharing Capabilities Coming Soon


Sony has announced that the upcoming PlayStation 4 v1.7 firmware update will focus on upgrading its streaming and sharing capabilities.

The update will include the option to turn off High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP), enabling users to capture gameplay using third-party hardware such as the Elgato and Roxio devices. (Hello, PS4 TPATs!)

This update will also enhance the PS4’s “Share” function, allowing screen shots and videos to be exported onto USB drives connected to the console. In addition, users can now personalise captured footage with a new, robust video editor.

There is no word on when the release of the v1.7 PS4 update will be yet, but it is expected over the next few weeks. Sony has also mentioned that a future update will enable built-in streaming at 720p.

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