Bioware Announces Mass Effect Trilogy Collection


Attention all fence sitters, especially those on the PS3: you are now officially out of excuses.  Hell has frozen over. The original Mass Effect is finally making its way to the PS3 as part of the just announced Mass Effect Trilogy Collection, coming soon to all platforms.  Yes, even PS3.  For real.  I think.  Read on for the details.

The announcement was made earlier today on the Mass Effect homepage, and came as a surpise to most fans.  The original Mass Effect was launced as an XBox 360 exclusive title back in 2007.  While a PC version was later released, Bioware has consistently shot down requests for a PS3 version on the basis that publishing rights remained with Microsoft, and they weren’t going to surrender them to a rival like Sony.  So some serious palm greasing must have taken place to get this trilogy collection together.  Or maybe just some mighty fine lawyering.  Who knows.  In any case, check out the shiny…

metril2The Mass Effect Trilogy Collection comes with all three games along with custom art work in a very snazzy looking case.  It will retail for $59.99 and be released for XBox 360 and PC on November 6th.  For now, there is no release date for the PS3 version, other than “later.”  But it is coming!  Bioware said so, and they’ve never lied about anything, right?  Right?  Other than the nebulous release date, there’s another less-than-awesome detail that Bioware isn’t commenting on at the moment, and that’s whether or not this collection comes with any of the trilogy’s virtual mountain of DLC.  While the DLC for the sequels is available on PSN, it remains to be seen if the downloadable missions for the original will be too.  While the amount of DLC for the original Mass Effect was far less than the sequels, the Bring Down the Sky mission pack was very well received, and decisions made in it wound up playing a role, albeit a small one, in Mass Effect 3.  On the other hand, the second DLC mission for Mass Effect, Pinnacle Station, is widely considered to be the worst mission in the entire trilogy.  So… a mixed bag, for sure.

Now, I hear what you PS3 users are saying.  “This is bullcrap! I already own ME2 and ME3! Why should I have to buy them again just to get the original?  I reiterate, this is bullcrap!”  Thankfully, Bioware hears you too because in addition to the Trilogy Collection, a digital version of the original Mass Effect will be available for purchase on PSN at some point.  Again, no release date has been provided as of yet.

One last nugget of Bioware news included in today’s press release was the announcement of something called “N7 Day.”  This November 7th will be the first annual N7 Day, and it will be “a worldwide celebration of the Mass Effect franchise.”  No other details were given, other than instructions to watch the company’s website for further updates on the upcoming “in-game, online and live events.”  Will do, Bioware.  Will do.  Especially if there’s a Liara T’Soni kissing booth.

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