Bungie Watch: Inaugural edition


There hasn’t been much news out of Bungie Studios lately. Best known for their iconic Halo series, the Seattle based developer has been quietly working on their next big thing for quite some time now. They have been gradually removing themselves from the Halo franchise ever since the release of their last title in the series, Halo: Reach, in 2010. Today, Bungie announced that their last connection to the franchise, online player statistics, will be coming to an end in the very near future. But don’t worry, your stats aren’t going to be lost forever. Read on for the details.

As of March 31, 2012, Bungie Studios is shutting down their Halo game data collection. The announcement was made on their official website, once a hotbed of Halo related activity, but a rather subdued place as of late. All previously collected game data will remain on the site. But no new content will be collected. It’s not all bad news, however. The new official Halo website, Halo Waypoint, has been collecting player data for many months now, and seems to be set to take over full responsibility. So your data isn’t really going away. You’ll just have to go to a different site to access it.

What remains unknown at this time is what will happen to player created screenshots and films. For years now, Halo players have been able to take screen captures and record films of their games, and upload them to Bungie’s website. Bungie has stated that their video rendering service will be ending at the end of March too, so it’s probably safe to assume the screenshot uploading function will be shutting down as well. This is unfortunate, since Halo Waypoint does not currently support the uploading of screenshots or film clips, and it is unknown whether it ever will.

As Bungie moves away from Halo, and towards whatever the heck they’re making now, I’ll be posting more BUNGIE WATCH updates. Because if any developer deserves its own column with a nifty homemade graphic, it’s Bungie.

About the Author: (@Joe_of_the_Dead) Lead Editor, Writer

Joe was born in a time of war. A console war. Two electronic titans were locked in a heated battle for the living rooms of America. Which titans, you ask? Well, the Fairchild Channel F and the Atari 2600 of course. You see, Joe is old. So many of his favorite games tend to be on the older side as well. But that hasn’t stopped him from developing unhealthy obsessions with such modern franchises as Halo and Mass Effect. Just don’t tell him how long it’s been since the original Metroid was released. His aging heart can’t take the shock.

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