Canadians stung with a $50 PS4 price increase

ps4bannerIf you live in Canada and are looking to purchase a PS4, prepare for some bad news, with Sony Canada confirming a $50 price increase for the PS4 from March 15. Prices of controllers, the PS Camera and PS4 games will also see a price increase.

In a statement published in the Toronto Sun, Sony Computer Entertainment Canada confirmed that the price of a PS4 would increase by $50 starting March 15. Prior to the price increase, Canadians could grab a PS4 for $399.99 but now the console will retail for $449.99.

And the bad news keeps coming, with a $5 price increase to hit Dualshock 4 controllers and the PS Camera, both now retailing for $64.99. Exclusive games such as InFamous: Second Son and MLB 14 The Show will also see a price hike of $10.

As quoted in the Toronto Sun article, Microsoft has no plans to follow suit, with the company not at this stage considering price increases. Sony referenced ‘changes in the market environment’ as the reason for the price rise.

How this price increase will affect sales remains to be seen. According to the Toronto Sun article, the PS4 has been selling well in Canada, with stock of the console ‘scarce’ in most parts. In comparison, Xbox One consoles are apparently ‘readily available.’

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