Dead Space 3 limited edition preorder goodies


There’s no point in pre-ordering a game if you don’t get any good extras for doing so, right? These days it seems retailers are fighting it out to provide the most attractive pre-order incentives for customers. Just recently announced are the pre-order bonuses for the limited edition of Dead Space 3 and the first word that comes to mind is….shiny.

Pre-ordering the Dead Space 3 limited edition will allow you to suit up in the most fashionable of ways to defeat the Necromorph plague. The insulated Witness Suit will let you traverse Tau Volantis’ harsh terrain with a touch more ease, whilst the Evangelizer is a ‘don’t take no shit from any Necromorphs’ assault-rife and shotgun combination.

If those aren’t to your linking, there is also the First Contact Suit which is designed for long term space exposure, and the Negotiator, a tesla-powered “instrument” which is perfect for those who enjoy some nasty organic tissue dismemberment. Sadly the Negotiator does not come with matching Samuel L. Jackson.

Those of you wanting to pre-order Dead Space 3 ahead of its 2013 launch date can visit here to secure your copy.

For anyone on the fence, EA have released a trailer showing the pre-order incentives in action. Take a look below.

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