ESRB rates Soul Calibur V, noting “large amounts of jiggling cleavage”


Oh the ESRB. I love their descriptions of video games. No really, I do. Describing the ‘space furniture’ and ‘future space blouses’ in Mass Effect 2 was the highlight of their review. And the ESRB have done it again with their breakdown of what gamers can expect to see in Soul Calibur V! And yes, that includes “large amounts of jiggling cleavage and portions of [female fighters’] buttocks”. Jiggling cleavage and buttocks, you say? In a Soul Calibur game?! The shock!

Also included in the game are “frenetic battles…highlighted by slashing sounds, impact effects, and frequent cries of pain.” The ESRB states that cutscenes also show characters being impaled by swords. Really, though – they’ve confirmed jiggling cleavage – is there anything else that can top that?!

Oh, and the ESRB gave the game a teen rating, by the way. Not that it matters, next to buttocks.

You can read the full report by the ESRB here.

Source: ESRB

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