Just Dance 4 will make you sweat for the holidays


At the rooftop bar of the Empire Hotel in New York City, Save Game staff were treated to a preview of Ubisoft’s new dance titles including the newest entry in the chart topping Just Dance series. Swank was the name of the game as they jammed us full of free hooch and gourmet sliders and set us loose on five setups throughout the three-bar, thousand square-foot rooftop space.

Ubisoft-trained dancers led participants through the interface, allowing revelers to play whichever track they chose. It wasn’t long before other patrons of the club where getting in on the action. Side note: watching four girls precariously teeter about in 4” spike Louboutins to the strains of Britney Spears is a sobering experience (no ankles were harmed).

Just Dance 4 continues its popular tradition of following energetic, pixie-like dancers in silly garb through choreography that engenders smiles, rather than krump grimaces of effort. New features will include a dance battle mode and individual “Dance Quests” for each song. Worthy of note is the “Puppet Master” mode for the Wii U that allows a second player to switch up the choreography and visuals.

For the tweeners, Just Dance is releasing a Disney version that is packed with songs from both their movies and Disney Channel TV shows. The choreography was cute, but the kiosk went mostly unused as debauchery and “Under the Sea” do not a good mix make. Out of pity for the lonely Ubisoft dancer, we failed spectacularly at “Everyone Wants to Be a Cat” from “The Aristocats.” It was not pretty.

The Hip Hop Experience easily garnered the most attention of the night. It departs from Just Dance by replacing the familiar mo-cap white silhouette dancers with CGI avatars, more akin to the characters of competing title Dance Central. The similarities end there, however; Just Dance 4’s fully customizable avatars are much more realistic, while staying just on the acceptable side of the Uncanny Valley. The choreography is much more reality-based, and revelers were lined-up three deep to get a chance at the killer track list that featured a good mix of new and old school hits.



Just Dance 4 hits stores on 10/9/12 with the WiiU version slated for the 2012 holiday season. 

Hip Hop Experience for Xbox Kinect and the Wii drops on 11/23/12

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