Kinect Support for Skyrim on the way

skyrimmmmYes.  You read that right.  According to Bethesda’s Blog, Skyrim will soon be supporting Kinect devices everywhere, including Dragon Shouts.  In other news, I wet ’em.

 The update is slated for later this month and it will be free and it will cover over 200 voice commands.  The full list of commands will be released later on, but all the menus and hotkeys will be covered, as well as, hopefully “set that bitch on fire, yo!” and “stab him!  Stab him in the face with the pokey thing!”  Those probably aren’t very accurate, but at the very least they should be.  Here is a video of one of the developers shouting in the Dragon tongue.  I am not responsible for fainting, pants wetting, spontaneous nosebleeds or squeals of joy that may result.

Source: Bethesda Blog

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