Space Heroes Universe Cartoon sneak peek


If you’re a fan of Space Heroes Universe – then consider your day made – as Bubblegum Interactive have released a special ‘sneak peak’ video for their upcoming Space Heroes  Universecartoons.

The sneak peak shows our Heroes Ace, Kira and Sparky getting ready to face off against Lord Shadowbot in an effort to rescue the missing Glows.

The cartoon is based on the very successful and critically acclaimed free-to-play Space Heroes Universe – a social online gaming experience for kids which lets them create and customize their own character, traversing a vibrant and unique universe to solve mysteries, participate in quests, play minigames and more.

For those of you wanting to know more about the game, take a look at my hands-on experience with the magical sci-fi title, or visit the Official Website. Whilst designed specifically for children – the game provides that magical allure that transcends age and is just as accessible to adults.

The sneak peak video can be found below.

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