Mass Effect Fan Film “Archangel” Coming Soon

masseffect3logo1All you Garrus lovers out there brace yourself for an upcoming fan film!  I might have mentioned that I love fan films.  They have a charm and to me it seems like nothing is more flattering than someone putting the time into something that they won’t get paid for just to create something about a game or characters they love.

According to WhatCulture! the filmmaker ACAVYOS has chosen the stubbornly renegade Turian as the subject of this feature length piece that seems to follow the adventures of Garrus as Archangel in the time leading up to the story of Mass Effect 2.

Oh Garrus, you leathery rebel!  ACAVYOS has teased some familiar faces for the flick, and am I hallucinating or is that Brandon Keener’s voice in the trailer below?  It definitely is but don’t get too excited.  Mr. Keener is there only using files from the games.   There’s also a lot of accents in this.  A lot of them.  You can read more about this on WhatCulture!’s site where there’s also a link to help out by being a voice actor for this.

I don’t know about you, but anything more with Garrus is always good in my book.   And it’s apparently good for a lot of women out there who love Garrus and oddly seem to want to have sex with a leathery bird raptor guy (FLAME SHIELD).

Without further ado, here is the teaser trailer for Archangel, which should be out in the summer.

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