New Kickstarter campaign for Mass Effect documentary

Attention Mass Effect fans! The Reapers may be coming soon to a movie theater near you. Or at least Netflix.

Nuhfer Media has created a Kickstarter campaign to fund a documentary exploring the creation, success and controversies of BioWare’s popular Mass Effect franchise, which includes three games, four novels, several graphic novels, and an upcoming movie.

Here’s how the filmmakers describe the project:

The documentary will look at the history of the Mass Effect franchise. Our goal is to interview key individuals involved with the development of the series, ranging from writers, producers, artists, voice actors and fans.

They are also quick to disabuse potential donors of the idea that this is just an excuse to rehash the whole Mass Effect 3 ending debacle:

While there will be a section that will deal with the controversy surrounding the endings and the events leading up the Extended Cut, we feel that devoting an entire documentary to the subject would be missing an opportunity to look at the overall picture, which would better explain why fans were so passionate about the endings. It will be dealt with, but the documentary will be focused on the franchise as a whole, not the last 30 minutes of ME3.

The campaign is set to raise at least $5,000 to cover travel expenses, sponsor incentives, equipment costs and of course pay for the crew, but they actually hope to raise $20,000. If they succeed in their goal, we could see a documentary by November 7, 2013.

So far, there’s only one contributor, but the campaign has only been live a few days.

Visit Kickstarter here to become a sponsor or to learn more about the campaign.

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