Powers of The Darkness II: Quad Wielding Trailer


Forget Dual Wielding – that is so 2010. Quad Wielding is where it’s at these days, and the latest The Darkness 2 trailer shows just how much fun you can have quad wielding weapons in conjunction with some badass darkness mojo. Check out the trailer below and remember – once you’ve gone Quad wielding, you can’t go back.


In other The Darkness II news, 2K Games announced today that anyone who pre-orders the title will receive an automatic upgrade to the “Limited Edition” version of the game, which includes an alternate darkling outfit (called ‘crazy abdul’ – am I the only one hoping that’s a Paula Abdul reference? yes? shame) as well as the “gourmet hearts” and “relic hunter” character ability upgrades.

The package also includes a Marc Silvestri illustration and download codes for the first and second volume of The Darkness Origins comics. Not bad at all, and definitely a very tempting offer for those still considering whether to pick up the title. My opinion? Preorder. The first game was hella fun and the second seems to have improved on it in every way.

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