Saints Row: The Third – Cherished Memories video


In what we assume to be the first in a series of ‘cherished memories’ trailers, the latest Saints Row: The Third video shows us a snippet of the mindless, reckless fun players can expect to engage in when the game releases in around a month’s time. We won’t give away what exactly the video shows, but we will say that we like that guys style. Check out the video below, and say thanks to forum-member Commissar Braun for the heads up.

In addition, THQ have also released a Dev Diary centred around the Deckers gang and what went into creating their unique look. Stephen Quirk, Lead Interior Artist, takes us through the footage below, and I can only hope that the incredibly detailed customization system in Saints Row: The Third lets me replicate his awesome beardy-thing. Is there a technical name for what he’s rocking, there? My Saints Row 3 guy needs it!

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