Tetris Blitz now available on App Store and Google Play

tetrisblitzIn news that makes me feel young again, EA have announced that Tetris Blitz, the blitz style take on the original addictive Tetris game is now live on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

For those apple users, you can access Tetris Blitz by clicking on this link whilst Google Play patrons can access the game by clicking here. Now, Tetris by itself was an incredibly addictive game, however for those of you who either haven’t played the base game (and for shame, truly!) or who are looking for something more, Tetris Blitz is offering a host of new features, including:

  • Innovative Controls – Dynamic One-Touch gameplay provides optimum placements so players can clear lines at lightning speed, and all-new “Drag-and-Place” controls offer precision placement on a touch screen.
  • Power-ups – Players can supercharge their game and trigger unique, point-boosting reactions with Power-Ups. With a new Power-Up released each week, the strategic combinations are endless.
  • Frenzy Mode – Emotions run high when players trigger the elusive Frenzy mode. Clear lines back-to-back to keep the cascades coming and earn double points.
  • Leaderboard and Facebook Connect – Through Facebook Connect integration, players will be able to compete with friends on the weekly leaderboard as well as share and brag about their high score.

Given these new additions to the game, what could possibly make Tetris Blitz any better, I hear you ask? How about the fact that it is FREE to download? Yep – you can pick up this addictive little gem for the grand total of absolutely free. And who says EA doesn’t know how to treat its gamers right?!

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