And Now I Want Muffins – A Review of Muffin Knight

muffinknightAfter watching our little video preview of Muffin Knight from Angry Mob Games I realized two things:  One, I was hungry and two, the game looked pretty cute.  So I decided to try it out, and it was the most whimsical $2.99 I’ve ever spent.


The premise is very simple.  You’re a knight and you have to collect muffins for a fairy.  That’s all.  No really that’s it.  Throughout the course of the game, depending on how many muffins you collect you will be able to unlock different characters with new and different powers.  Personally my favorites are the gnome, who uses a shot gun blast and Ninja Kitty who is well a ninja kitty.  Actually the unicorn gets an honorable mention here because he poops a pile of rainbow doody which then turns into a land mine.  You can’t go wrong with rainbow poop.  Just ask Death Spank.  If you’re wondering which character you should choose to level up and play, don’t worry.  You don’t actually have a choice.  The game simply changes characters with each muffin you collect.  Along with this change is a delightful little old fairy voice enthusiastically exclaming “Gnome!” or “Grizzly!” or “Archer!” whenever you do.  This woman is seriously excited about her muffins.

I don’t normally play games on my Android phone.  I find it drains the battery and I can’t seem to get used to playing games where the controls are on a touch screen rather than a raised button that I can actually feel under my thumbs (that sentence totally turned you on didn’t it?).  Muffin Knight took a little getting used to.  For me it is still pretty difficult and I can usually collect only a scant few muffins before falling into some fire or getting killed by a giant angry pig.  Oddly enough I don’t find this frustrating.  Perhaps that because there doesn’t seem to be any kind of “game over” screen.  You just keep going.  You keep collecting muffins and dying and keep collecting muffins and dying and collecting muffins and unlocking characters and levels and dying.  As a result, Muffin Knight is extremely addictive.  I picked it up last night to play a little bit before bed and before I knew it a whole forty minutes had passed.  I simply didn’t want to stop.

It doesn’t hurt that the game itself is just delightful.  And it’s ridiculously cute.  It’s no ilomilo, but everything about this game makes me smile.  From the charming noises and voices (even the Knight’s death scream is precious) to the far too cute bad guys.  This is a game that is perfect for your mobile phone.  It’s easy, it’s fast, and you never lose progress when you have to turn it off quickly because your boss is walking by.  Muffin Knight gets a big thumbs up from me.

Story Trailer!

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