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Borderlands 2 Gets Release Date, New Trailer


From the “sequels to games Joe always meant to check out but never actually got around to playing” file comes word that Borderlands 2 has been given an official release date, new gameplay details, and a snazzy new trailer.  Oh, and an obligatory pre-order bonus!  Read on for the details and to watch the video.  

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Mass Effect 3 “Take Earth Back” Trailer Premieres


Wow. Stuff is getting real now, folks. The much-hyped cinematic trailer for Mass Effect 3 just premiered, and it is a minute and twenty five seconds of pure awesome. Produced in stunning CGI, the piece brings the world of Mass Effect, and the brutal war against the Reapers, to life in a way never seen before.  But enough description. Let’s just watch the thing, shall we? Read on to watch “Take Earth Back.”  

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Mass Effect 3 Launches Demo, Teases Trailer


Yep, more Mass Effect 3 news. Today, the long awaited demo finally releases on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.  But that’s not all the ME3 news of the day.  Bioware also gave us a sneak peak at a new cinematic that will be debuting this weekend.  Read on for details on the demo’s availability, and to watch the teaser.  

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Never Dead Launch Trailer


Konami’s latest offering, Never Dead, is now out in stores and to celebrate the title’s launch, a new trailer has been released. Showing off a smattering of gameplay, set to some headbanging metal, the trailer…well, I’m not really sure what the trailer does. Best just to watch it. The words…there really are no words.

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Syndicate Agent Tech Trailer


Augmentations. They’re so hot right now. And they’re featured in the newest trailer for Starbreeze Studios’ upcoming FPSer Syndicate. In the latest trailer, tech takes centre stage, revealing how tech abilities can be used in combination with weapons to deliver some absolutely crushing and visceral combat. Be warned – there’s some serious violence on display.

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PS3 Exclusive ‘The Last of Us’ Teased with trailers


Video game marketers are certainly becoming a lot more creative (and mysterious) these days. With every new announcement trailer featuring gameplay of the game in question, there’s three ‘teaser’ trailers which prefer to tease the premise of the game, without giving away any actual details. Cue the latest PS3 exclusive, “The Last of Us”, which has burst onto the scene with a pair of trailers that hint of what the game could be about without providing any information on the game at all. Clever marketing or annoyingly vague? Check out the trailers to see for yourself.

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Need for Speed: The Run Golden Gate to Empire State Launch Trailer


Running on an empty tank? Don’t have much rev to your engine? Feeling like some racing action? Well you are in luck, as EA has just released a new trailer to co-incide with the launch of Need For Speed: The Run. Showing off the game’s gorgeous visuals and providing a little teaser as to what we can expect from the game, the trailer sure does a good job of selling the game. Check it out below.

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Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – Previously On Trailer


Been a while since you played any of the Assassin’s Creed games? A little blurry on just what’s happened in the series? Never fear – for the latest trailer provides a very good recap of what’s happened so far. It’s a great review for fans of the series – and for those of you thinking of jumping into the Assassin’s Creed universe via Revelations – it provides a good quick and dirty introduction. Check it out below, and start sharpening those assassins blades!

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Dragon Age: Redemption webisode 1 airs


The first episode of Dragon Age: Redemption featuring Felicia Day as Tallis has aired and the opening episode to the six parter is….interesting. Introducing Tallis as a character and setting her on her path to find redemption in the eyes of the Qunari (or will the redemption she seeks end up being her own?! Twist!) the webisode features content and locations that any Dragon Age fan will be familiar with.

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Need for Speed: The Run ‘On the Edge’ Trailer


Need for Speed: The Run seems to be in trailer over-drive at the moment, with another trailer releasing. This one’s called ‘On the Edge’ and shows why it’s good not to be law enforcement in this game. Check it out below.

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