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Mobile Monday: My Paper Plane 3

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 Wavecade has dramatically improved its My Paper Plane series with the latest entry, My Paper Plane 3. While perhaps not ground-breaking, it has the best use of the G-sensor I have come across and is a solid, wonderfully responsive flyer that I have been obsessively playing for a week.

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Mobile Monday: UPSAT


Thanks in large part to the spread of smartphones, the mobile gaming market has been experiencing exponential growth. There is a lot of money to be made, and big studios have been cranking out an unprecedented number of games. But with industry juggernauts like Zynga and Popcap dominating the marketplace, is there still room for independent developers to make a name for themselves? A plucky little game called UPSAT wants to answer that question with a resounding “Yes!”

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Mobile Monday: Bullet Time HD


I’m a commuter in New York City.  There are several methods of completely avoiding the Jesus people, the beggars and mariachi bands.  My favorite of these involves a pair of headphones and my iPhone.  Luckily, I just spent some time immersing myself into Kiloo Games’ new overhead shooter title, Bullet Time. 

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