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McPixel Review


I want to start my McPixel review with one phrase: Buy this game. McPixel is best described as a Wario Ware version of an adventure game. Each scenario has one objective, prevent catastrophe (usually a bomb) using only the objects on the screen. Even though each scenario has numerous endings, only one will be the one you’re looking for. Half of the fun in McPixel is discovering everything in the stage…no seriously, after you find the right answer, you’re tasked with finding the remaining gags and unlocking themed stages. 

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A Review of Tapfish


My luck with fish has been rather tenuous over the years. My first one actually lasted almost a year. The next ones after that lasted less than 24 hours (both of them), although I think that was due to the fact that they were $0.77 each and that I had bought them from a tank with a dead fish in it. Later on I purchased minnows and they lasted a while (I even had a snail growing!) before donating them to my friend after a few close calls with my cat. 

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Darksiders II Review


Darksiders II is Vigil Games‘ and THQ‘s latest installment in the Darksiders verse. Given the first Darksiders game was well received by gamers, does the second follow in its stead, or is Darksiders II a dark disappointment? Tash shares her thoughts on Darksiders II below.

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Binary Domain Review


Welcome to the first of our Marked Down reviews – where we look at games which have been discounted and review them to see if they are worth your hard earned money. First up, tash takes a look at Binary Domain.

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Diablo III Review


I am a huge Diablo fan. I’ll admit right now that I lost myself for many, many hours between the first two games. So when I heard that after 12 long years Diablo was finally getting a third installment – you can imagine how stoked I was. The disappointment I felt after playing through the game, however, is something I could never have imagined.

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Mobile Monday: Quiet, Please!


Haven’t you ever wanted to get away from it all?  To just turn off the outside world and find some friggin peace and quiet?  Sure you have.  We all have.  Unless you’re some kind of freak who needs constant noise to feel safe, like that weird guy who lived below me once.  Damn, he was annoying.  Anyway, tangent, sorry.  Peace and quiet.  It can be hard to find, and it is the goal in this week’s Mobile Monday game, a quirky little indie gem called Quiet, Please!  Read on to learn more about it.  

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Max Payne 3 Review


Max Payne 3 is Rockstar‘s latest offering, which continues the saga of the ex- NYPD Cop Max Payne first started in 2001 by Remedy Entertainment. Does the latest instalment live up to expectations, or is it a tragic mess like its titular character’s life? Read on to find out.

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Time to Rev up the Harley


When we last put on the cowl of the Dark knight, he was tasked with finding a way to stop Hugo Strange, the warden of the mega prison Arkham City, from executing “Protocol 10”. After fighting through some of the more famous names of his rogues gallery, including a rematch with his old pal the Joker, it ended in the Joker dying of the poison in his blood from the titan formula he ingested in the previous game Arkham Asylum. If you Entered the Sionis steel mill after the conclusion of the game and activated a Harley head statue all […]

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Gaming Gambles: Dream Trigger 3D


When I’m out shopping I like to check the sale or clearance racks hoping for a hidden gem. Sometimes a game is priced so cheap I’ll pick it up and see if its worth it. Today’s Gaming Gamble is Dream Trigger 3D by D3 Publisher. The back of the box made it look like a mix between Rez and Geometry Wars, and I’ve been looking at a reason to blow the dust off of my 3DS, so I paid eight dollars for it.

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Mobile Monday: Microchip Monsters


You were once one of many.  A proud working clan, you made sure that your great city ran smoothly, and stayed safe.  But one day, invaders appeared.  Evil entities, driven by a thirst for death and chaos, they slaughtered your clan.  But death was not the end for you.  Your spirit, a vengeful shade made flesh by unknowable arcane forces, has returned to the city it once loved.  Populated by the gruesome horde that took your life, your singular purpose is to wipe out every last one of them.  Oh, and did I mention all of that takes place inside […]

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