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Mobile Monday: Hollow Grounds


 Looking for a new adorable mobile game to kill some time on your commute?  Then Full Color Planet offers up Hollow Grounds, a delightful, colorful little iOS title.

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Mobile Monday: Scribblenauts Remix


Scribblenauts Remix for iOS lets you play as Maxwell, whose notepad will create any object you can think of.  Well most objects anyway, you can’t produce trademarked objects or anything that couldn’t be shown on pre-primetime television (sorry phalliphiles).  Maxwell uses these objects to complete objectives and to collect Starites, which serve as the goal object in every stage.   The scenarios are pretty creative and they vary from filling an aquarium with five different ocean animals to creating an extinction event to kill off the dinosaurs.

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So Many Feathers: A Review of Final Fantasy XIII-2


The Final Fantasy franchise has a long and storied history in gaming, putting its creator Square Enix at the top of the food chain for all things JRPG for as long as this gamer can remember.  There is a style and grace to them that has gone unmatched by most other games.  As a long time Final Fantasy fan, it was with a mixture of excitement and nostalgia that I began to play the latest offering: Final Fantasy XIII-2.  

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Mobile Monday: NFL Flick Quarterback


Today is a very dark day.  Millions of people around the world woke up to a world without football.  As the final whistle sounded on Superbowl 46 last night, it brought down the curtain on the 2011-2012 NFL season, and doomed fans everywhere to six months of no-football misery.  I’ve dedicated this week’s Mobile Monday to relieving the pain I know many of you out there are feeling right now.  How, you ask?  Well… by reviewing a football game, of course.

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Old Game, New Review – Fallout: New Vegas


“Wonderful,” I thought to myself as I stood in the clinic, in front of the man who rescued me.  “More brown.”  A negative sentiment toward a game before you’re even past the character creator is always a wonderful sign.  Truth be told, I should have known what I was getting myself into with Fallout: New Vegas.  Having had issues with the bland colour palate in Fallout 3, the dusty brown tint of the Mojave Wasteland should have come as no surprise.  With that in mind, you might be wondering why I picked up a game that, gameplay-wise, is near identical […]

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Mobile Monday: My Paper Plane 3

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 Wavecade has dramatically improved its My Paper Plane series with the latest entry, My Paper Plane 3. While perhaps not ground-breaking, it has the best use of the G-sensor I have come across and is a solid, wonderfully responsive flyer that I have been obsessively playing for a week.

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Mobile Monday: UPSAT


Thanks in large part to the spread of smartphones, the mobile gaming market has been experiencing exponential growth. There is a lot of money to be made, and big studios have been cranking out an unprecedented number of games. But with industry juggernauts like Zynga and Popcap dominating the marketplace, is there still room for independent developers to make a name for themselves? A plucky little game called UPSAT wants to answer that question with a resounding “Yes!”

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Mobile Monday: Cut the Rope

Cut the_Rope_logo

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been playing Chrono Trigger on my iPhone.  While Chrono Trigger is one of my favorite games of  all time, it is a bit involved.  Sometimes when I’m on the subway or bus I only have the time or attention span for something relatively simple.  That’s where Cut the Rope comes in. 

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Mobile Monday: Chrono Trigger


As part of our Mobile Monday feature, I was very excited to learn that I could now play Square Enix’s Chrono Trigger on my iPhone.  It was a favorite of mine many years ago when one would be hard pressed to find me not hunched over my SNES controller, sitting on the floor ignoring things like “outside” and “playmates.”  I was curious to see if this game still held up to my lofty opinion of it in my youth. 

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Professor Layton and the Last Specter Review


Professor Layton and the Last Specter was originally released in 2009. Apparently Japan liked the game so much they kept it to themselves until a last few months.  I must say that I can’t blame them.  This game is quite a gem, and a refreshing change of pace than more combat-based games than I am used to.

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