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Hitman: Absolution – Welcome Back 47. You were sorely missed.

Hitman: Absolution

I’ve been a fan of Hitman and Agent 47 since the first game on PC and the subsequent releases on the PS2 and 360.  I enjoyed the freedom the game allowed within the game to achieve your goals as you see fit.  But I’ll be the first to admit, the stories were rather bare and at times the rather clunky controls a frustrating experience.  But you just couldn’t argue with a game that offered you so many ways to do things, especially when you could do them in style.  Absolution, however, merges that freedom of choice with a fairly amazing […]

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Halo 4: A Beginning and an End


(WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD) Halo and I go back a long way.  There isn’t a franchise I’ve spent more time over the last decade playing, discussing, or thinking about.  It is, maybe more than any other title, how I identify myself as a gamer.  So when Halo’s creator, Bungie, decided to relinquish control of the franchise to 343 Industries, I was worried.  Actually, mortified might be a better word.  What would happen to Master Chief and Cortana?  How would the game play change?  What would be added?  What would be taken away?  How could a brand new studio, unknown and untested, […]

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Too Many Rabbits


Every one of us has a unique style of gaming.  How we play, what we play; it makes us all feel different things at different times.  Some of us are drawn to shooters, others to MMOs, others to casual mobile games that kill ten minutes of time on the bus.  Informing that are our differing lifestyles, different habits, and different goals.  I’ve started wondering lately just how my gaming style affects my life, or vice versa, and I’m finding some interesting, occasionally unnerving comparisons.

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Save Game’s Mass Effect Squadmate cocktails: The best drinks this side of the Citadel


It’s been a few months since the release of Mass Effect 3. In that time, there’s been a huge reaction to the game – with fans finding every available way to let their thoughts and opinions be heard. From the official forums, to petitions, to twitter and even open letters – if you’ve spent any time online over the last few weeks you will have been guaranteed to find some discussion related to Mass Effect 3. Rather than weigh in on the various discussions currently raging about the game, we here at Save Game thought we’d do something different, because […]

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