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Hands on preview with Battlefield Hardline

I had the chance this week to have a hands-on preview of the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline, the newest instalment of the Battlefield franchise being developed by Visceral Games. It’s a significant departure from the military theme that’s been so endemic to the previous games, harkening back to the old playground favourite, Cops and Robbers; a relic from a time when kids could point their fingers at another and shout BANG! without being brought before the vice-principal. Ah, but the game.

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Preview – Wasteland 2

Everyone loves a post-apocalyptic RPG and if you like your post-apocalypses gritty and mature, you can’t get much better than Wasteland 2. Successfully crowdfunded through Kickstarter and developed by inXile Entertainment, Wasteland 2 is the first official sequel to the 1988 Wasteland, and if my hands-on with the title is anything to go on, the game is shaping up to be one of the best releases of 2014.

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Tales of Xillia 2 – Review

8 out of 10 Great

Full disclosure – I have never played a JRPG before. In fact, I know next to nothing about the whole JRPG verse. So, when the opportunity arose to review Tales of Xillia 2, naturally I questioned my ability to provide a well-informed assessment of the latest game in the series. Given my lack of knowledge on the history of this game, my review will not focus on the strength of the story or the improvements on gameplay from the previous instalments. Instead, this review is structured from a newcomers perspective, and provides a general summary of how the game looks, […]

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TPAT Highlights – Mindjack

What is it like to watch someone slowly go mad over the course of a two hour gaming session? What kind of insidious creation could possibly induce the kind of unparallelled hysteria that threatens tears? I don’t want to spoil it for you or anything, but the answer is apparently the game Mindjack.

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Interview – Graham Nardone, Associate Producer of The Sims 4

Mor goobida bibso neb neb? Nar harmy glarch! I remember a household I made in the first The Sims game, way back when it was released. While most of the family were spending their days earning money, making friends and trying to get ahead in the rat race, there was Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob was eccentric. Thanks to mods from the time, he dressed like a King. Bob liked to make life difficult for the others in the house, and would frequently interrupt them and impose his wild indulgences on them. With The Sims 4 due to be released next […]

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The Swapper – Review

8.5 out of 10 Great

The Swapper is a puzzle-platformer video game with heart which combines challenging gameplay with atmospheric level design to create an experience that’s well worth a try. Originally released on PC in May 2013, the game is now available for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. For those gamers looking for something a touch different to try – The Swapper should definitely be on your list.

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Save Game Sunday Kickday – Culina: Hands in the Kitchen

This week’s pick for our Save Game Sunday Kickday is something a little different.  Culina: Hands in the Kitchen is a unique blend of simulation and visual novel, diving into the world of restaurant ownership.  If you love to cook, or have ever dreamed of owning your own restaurant, then this Kickstarter campaign might be worth a look.  Read on to check it out.

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Hands on preview – Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is a little different to most Tomb Raider games, in that it’s a co-operative game for up to 4 players. It combines RPG elements with the platforming, shooting and puzzling that you’d expect from a Tomb Raider game.

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Community Report: EA Gamescom Event

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to find negative opinions about EA. Google might be your friend, but the auto-completes suggests that its no friend of EA. The company was voted ‘Worst Company in the World’ in 2012 and 2013, and if you weren’t a gamer, you would be scratching your head about what this evil corporation might be up to. When you hear of things like that, you start to wonder – what twisted sort of person might work there? Are they filled with loathing and contempt for those beyond, or are they perhaps like John Smith from […]

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Gamescom Trailerpalooza! Sony Edition

Gamescom, The largest gaming convention in the world, is currently being held over in Cologne, Germany, and it’s attracted all the industry heavyweights.  In case you missed Sony’s big press conference, Trailerpalooza is here to help.  We’ve collected all the big trailers and announcements, and put them all in one big package for you.  So read on to experience the Sony Gamescom Trailerpalooza.

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