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Defense Grid: Containment bringing more aliens to steal your cores

Good news for PC fans of Defense Grid, the popular and award-winning tower defense game in which players fend off waves of increasingly challenging aliens trying to steal their energy cores.

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FTL: Faster Than Light


Under my watch countless brave men, women, bug-people, rockoids and robots have been sent to their doom in defence of the Federation. Each starship crew valiantly stared down death, and all subsequently were jettisoned into the cold dark void of space. Why crews continue to sign up to my ill-fated squadron I’ll never know. Of course, my disastrous space-military career is based in the imaginary Federation of FTL: Faster Than Light, an indie rougelike-like space sim created by Subset Games and funded by a Kickstarter campaign. 

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Review: Retro City Rampage


Retro City Rampage began as Brian Provinciano’s remake of Grand Theft Auto 3 for the NES, and much like the GTA games, you start off doing one thing, then get distracted which results in having more fun playing around than you would have if you just finished the mission. I’m glad this game exists. So many games rely on some pixel art and a couple of “A winner is you” references and think that it accurately captures what the 80’s pop culture/video game scene was like. Retro City Rampage finally gets it right.

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Mobile Monday: Quiet, Please!


Haven’t you ever wanted to get away from it all?  To just turn off the outside world and find some friggin peace and quiet?  Sure you have.  We all have.  Unless you’re some kind of freak who needs constant noise to feel safe, like that weird guy who lived below me once.  Damn, he was annoying.  Anyway, tangent, sorry.  Peace and quiet.  It can be hard to find, and it is the goal in this week’s Mobile Monday game, a quirky little indie gem called Quiet, Please!  Read on to learn more about it.  

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ThatGameCompany announces independence after raising $5.5m


In a mighty, Herculean effort, thatgamecompany, best known for their quirky titles Journey, Flower and Flow, has managed to raise $5.5 million with the help of a large investment from Benchmark Capital. This kind of moolah will enable the developers to become totally independent. And what does this mean? Potentially no more PSN exclusive games. Good news for Xbox fans, perhaps not so good news for Playstation fanboys wanting to keep the unique experiences the developers are known for creating only for PS3 owners.

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Mobile Monday: Microchip Monsters


You were once one of many.  A proud working clan, you made sure that your great city ran smoothly, and stayed safe.  But one day, invaders appeared.  Evil entities, driven by a thirst for death and chaos, they slaughtered your clan.  But death was not the end for you.  Your spirit, a vengeful shade made flesh by unknowable arcane forces, has returned to the city it once loved.  Populated by the gruesome horde that took your life, your singular purpose is to wipe out every last one of them.  Oh, and did I mention all of that takes place inside […]

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Triangle Man by Convict Interactive


We here at Save Game are really excited to help get the word out about some indie games that are the worthy of your attention.  We found one in Triangle Man from Convict Interactive! Triangle Man is a delightful looking 2D platformer with puzzle elements.  The player will be able to exercise their problem solving skills as well as those brain muscles as they try to navigate this adorable little dude through level after level of obstacles and pitfalls. Like most small developers the gang out of Wollongong, New South Wales relies on the willingness of people like you to […]

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Press (Kick) Start: A look at some creative endeavors on Kickstarter


Tim Schafer is a God. There I said it… as have five hundred other video game journalists. The work of Mr. Schafer as a mere mortal, which has to date encompassed the years between 1967 and last month, was far and wide some of the most creatively interesting and amusing work in video games this side of the Uncanny Valley. Of course, all this changed after his announcement that his next game would be funded using the Crowd Sourcing model, better known as crowdfunding. “What is crowdfunding?”, you may ask in a overly whimsical tone. Essentially, it is where people […]

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Dear Esther Released, Turns a Profit


About a month ago, we ran a story about a little known indie game by the name of Dear Esther.  At the time, THECHINESEROOM, developers of the unique first person adventure game which began life as a homemade mod for Half Life 2, were gearing up for a retail launch on Steam. Well, the release has come and gone, and after just one day of availibility, the project is already in the black. Read on for the details.  

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Humble Indie Bundle 4 Not So Humble With $2 Million Earned


Adding 5 new games, the Humble Indie Bundle 4 took in over $2 million in profits this week. The games included in the bundle are Super Meat Boy, Jamestown, Nightsky, Bit Trip Runner and Shank.  

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