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Rock Band Blitz Review


The plastic instrument revolution has come and gone. The days and nights of strumming, drumming and singing off-key are no more. While Guitar Hero faded away in sequel after sequel, Rock Band took this opportunity to evolve. Rock Band Blitz manages to radically change the way we play, but still have the player feel like they are playing the music. 

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Sins of the Flesh Review


I was browsing through the Xbox Indie titles and saw Sins of the Flesh, a new release by Silver Dollar Games.  The name itself sounds rather sinister, and when I took a look at the tagline, the game intrigued me even more; I had the feeling there might be something more to it than I presumed. My intuition was right, and I was pleasantly surprised by this inconspicuous game.  Sins of the Flesh is not long, nor is the gameplay complex, but the game shines in its story and atmosphere.

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Impossible Game is Impossible But Fun!


I have not been getting enough sleep or proper nutrition, as have many others in the Save Game community. However, while the others have been neglecting those necessities via copious amounts of Skyrim, I have been doing this via The Impossible Game.

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Ten Great XBox Live Arcade Games Worth the Dollar You’ll Spend


If you find yourself on Sunday, sitting on your couch, pondering why you just don’t feel motivated enough to take out your latest blockbuster game hit and immerse yourself – you’re probably hungover.  And you probably haven’t showered either.  And you may have even avoided a phone call from your mother because you’re feeling anti-social.  Perhaps your brain requires little more than remedial stimulation.  So take off those pants, grab your Hot Pocket and slouch like a champion because here are ten games that cost only $1 on Xbox Live and they are surprisingly dopamine inducing.   

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Trenched Review


In our shining pantheon of video games, too often do downloadable games get the cold shoulder. The reputation for chintzy, non-serious forays into the industry by ill prepared indie developers leaves a bad taste in the gamer community’s mouth. Maybe one out of three or four titles don’t play like crappy ad-hoc flash games. Well, put down your awesome Techno Kitten Adventures, boys and girls. Trenched is about to Listerine the crap out of your little gumlines.

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