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Titanfall update adding 12 new achievements


Nobody can accuse Respawn entertainment of not working hard, post-release.  The studio has just released its fourth major update to Titanfall, and along with a host of new modes, tweaks and bug fixes, the update comes with 12 new achievements which total up to 200 gamerscore points.  Read on for all the details.

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Destiny trophies and achievements announced


A rite of passage every upcoming mega-release must make is the release of achievements and trophies.  Whether they are scanned once and forgotten, or meticulously studied for hints and clues, the full list of achievements is one more signpost on the road to release.  Bungie has just released Destiny’s achievements and trophies, so read on to see them for yourself.

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Rockstar delays release of GTA Online heists


Grand Theft Auto 5’s elaborate, exhilarating heists seemed like a natural fit for the game’s online multiplayer, yet they remain tantalizingly close but out of reach.  Hinted at even before the game was released, heists were supposed to finally be added to GTA Online this spring.  But now, the feature has been indefinitely delayed by Rockstar.  Read on for the details. 

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In case you missed it: Destiny, E3 2014


Doesn’t it seem like Destiny has been in development for, ohhhhh… forever?  Believe it or not, Bungie’s next big thing is actually being released this September, and Destiny was everywhere at this year’s E3.  But if you happened to miss some of the trailers, demos and interviews, we’ve got you covered.  So read on to get caught up.

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Twitch TV announces its full E3 streaming schedule


If you can’t attend E3 this year, the next best place is definitely going to be on your couch, watching the events unfold on Twitch TV.  The streaming service is about to kick off its first year as the official streaming platform of the big event, and they’ve just published their full schedule.  Spoiler alert: lots and lots of games.  Read on to see it for yourself.

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TPAT Highlights – Fallout: New Vegas


“It’s just so…brown.” For this TPAT Tash and Christine visit the monochromatic land of Fallout, New Vegas style. This Vegas is far from the flashing lights and glitz of the one we all know. There are no Cher performances, but there is a roller coaster. Sadly, Tash did not get to ride it, which is really only one of her complaints about this one, which unfortunately ended up on the not so “treasure” side of “T.” Video after the jump.

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Ubisoft releases Watchdogs launch trailer


Do you hear that steam whistle blowing?  Do you feel the ground starting to rumble under your feet?  The Watchdogs hype train is a coming, and she’s coming right quick.  We’re now just days away from the launch of Ubisoft’s multiplatform action adventure, which means it’s time for the obligatory launch trailer.  One last chance for the publisher to show you how crazy amazing their game is, and we’ve got it for you after the break.

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Far Cry 4 is officially a thing that is happening

ScreenHunter_03 May. 14 18.07

BREAKING NEWS: new game coming from highly successful shooter franchise.  This time, it’s Far Cry 4, the latest in Ubisoft’s series of outlandish FPS advantures.  And if the teaser site is any indication, the fourth installment will be even more bonkers than the last one.  Read on for all the details.

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Bioware announces Dragon Age Inquisition Uber Edition


Well, technically, they’re calling it the Dragon Age Inquisition Inquisitor’s Edition.  But that sounds a little redundant, doesn’t it?  Sort of like ATM machine, or pre-heat.  In any case, Bioware has unveiled the long awaited uber-mega-awesome edition of their upcoming RPG, and hopefully it’s everything you dreamed it would be.  Read on for the details.

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Titanfall Expedition trailer reveals three new maps


Are you starting to get a little burned out on Titanfall?  Worried that you’ve experienced everything the game has to offer?  Been tempted to see how much you can get for it on trade-in?  Well, don’t trade it in just yet.  Respawn Entertainment has sensed your concerns, and has released a trailer showing off the contents of its upcoming Expedition DLC pack.  Read on for the details.

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