PAX Aus Indie Highlight: Light in the Dark by Dreamgate Studios


There is never a shortage of local indie games on display at PAX and one of the titles was Light in the Dark by Canberra-based Dreamgate Studios, a mobile puzzler that utilises lights and colour theory.

The goal is to point light sources, called Totems, to their corresponding coloured light babies to complete levels themed around Ancient Egyptian tombs. Each level also allows players to earn bonuses by awarding extra points for completing the level in the shortest time and lighting up the bonus stars on the map.

As the levels progress, the game become more challenging with complex maps and mechanics such as light colour combinations, shadows, mirrors and enemies. Some even require perfect timing to ensure light beams line up perfectly with the use of objects such as rotating mirrors.

With close to a hundred levels and an Aztec-themed expansion update on the way, Light in the Dark is a cute and colourful game that challenges a variety of puzzle fans at different levels. It is currently available on iOS, Android and Windows devices.

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