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Final Fantasy XIII-2 PAX trailer


Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 at PAX, showing off some story cutscenes, combat gameplay and more. Check out the trailer below if you’re a FF fan, and if you’re not, check it out anyway and pretend Liara’s talking to you. That’s what I did.

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive PAX trailer


PAX is upon us, and already the news is flying in. First off – Valve software have released the first official trailer for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It has also been confirmed by Kotaku that the PS3 version of the game will not only offer cross platform play with the PC/Mac versions via steam, but will also support USB keyboard and mouse input. No word yet on whether this option will be available to Xbox players. Check out the trailer below.

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Microsoft secures timed exclusivity deal for DLC for Skyrim


Bethesda and Microsoft have announced that Xbox players will be the first to receive the first two DLC add-on content packs for Skyrim, thanks to a 30-day exclusivity deal. No word yet on the content of the DLC, but that’s a big blow to PS3 and PC players. Those 30 days are going to feel like forever.

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Twisted Metal to release on Valentines Day


I was a massive Twisted Metal fan back in the day. So I am excited beyond words with the news that Twisted Metal will be released on Valentines Day next year. After being delayed from its original release date, David Jaffe has said that the team have spent that extra time “pouring, and tuning and tweaking and polishing the game”. Check out his humorous announcement trailer below which also includes some gameplay footage. Guess I have a date now for Valentines Day.

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New RAGE ‘Gearheads Vault’ gameplay trailer


Bethesda and ID Software have debuted another trailer for their upcoming release RAGE. The trailer is entitled ‘Gearheads Vault’ and shows off some very…visceral gameplay. Check it out below but be warned – there’s gore aplenty in this trailer.

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Fallout: New Vegas new DLC details


Bethesda have released details of their upcoming DLC packs for Fallout: New Vegas – Lonesome Road, Courier’s Stash and Gun Runner’s Arsenal. Lonesome Road is a story-based DLC which will be releasing September 20; Courier’s Stash brings together content previously only available via pre-order packs and will set you back 160 MSP or $2; and Gun Runner’s Arsenal is a weapons and ammo themed pack that will cost 320 MSP or $4. Check below for more details.

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Gamers spoiled for choice with Assassins Creed: Revelations editions


It’s not enough just to offer the game now. You have to advertise bundles that come with soundtracks and artbooks and collector figurines. And if you’re Assassins Creed: Revelations, you have to offer a staggering 5 different types of bundles. Want to know what you get in each of these special editions? Check out the link below for a handy bundle by bundle content breakdown for Ubisoft’s upcoming release.

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New Witcher 2 Trailers


CD Projekt have released two new trailers for The Witcher 2 today. The first one gorgeously shows off the Xbox 360 adaptation of the Witcher 2, whilst the second features the devs discussing the new additions to the improved 2.0 version of The Witcher 2, including the Dark Mode and The Arena. Check them both out below.

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Nostalgic Illuminations: Remembering Eternal Darkness


Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem is one of the few games I still find enjoyable today, and one of the few games that surpassed my expectations when I started playing it. Even now, I have yet to come across a game possessing such a tight narration.

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Plush Alpaca to come with pre-orders of Harvest Moon on the DS


Natsume have announced that those pre-ordering their upcoming DS release Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns will receive a bonus limited edition collectible Alpaca plushie. The plushies are in short supply, so if you want one, best check out your local retailer to see if they will be stocking them. Look at it. Isn’t it just adorable? You want one. You know you do. I do and I don’t even have a DS. Anyone want to give me their alpaca plushie?

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