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A new week, a new SSX trailer


The EA hype machine is really getting into gear, now that the release of SSX is nearly upon us. The upcoming title will be a first for the series on XBOX360 and PS3, and the folks at EA want everyone to know it’s coming. To that end, they’ve released a new trailer, hot on the heals of last week’s nostalgia-fueled Tricky tribute. But where that trailer harkened back to the good old days of Gamecube and PS2, this week’s trailer is all about the future. So what new info does the trailer contain? Read on for the details, and to […]

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EA unveils Mass Effect Cross-Promotion-Palooza!


Our shared dream has finally come true. At long last, developers have begun paying us to play their games. OK, not quite. But what EA announced this morning was pretty darned close. When the demos for Mass Effect 3 and Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning launch later this month, they will come loaded with unique (and totally awesome) downloadable content for each title. We’re talking guns, we’re talking daggers, we’re talking armor. We’re talking free. Read on for the details.

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SSX gets Tricky in new trailer


It’s hard to believe, but there has never been an SSX title on PS3 or XBOX360. The series has been languishing since its glory days on the previous generation of consoles. That is about to change, however, with the arrival of a new title, simply titled SSX,  in a little under two months. To gets fans excited, EA has released a new trailer that shows off some amazing new gameplay, while at the same time triggering serious nostalgia for long time fans.

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Bargains aplenty as EA slashes prices on Xbox Live content


The season of giving may be over, but that isn’t stopping EA from slashing prices of Xbox Live content for some of its well known series. If you’ve been eying off Dead Space 2, or thinking about purchasing Mass Effect 2’s Arrival DLC to get your save games ready for Mass Effect 3 in March – now might be the perfect time to buy. There’s a whole bunch of great content at discounted prices – and the sales will continue over the weekend until January 9th. Check below for what’s been reduced.

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EA will not appeal Syndicate’s Refused Classification ruling in Australia


After the announcement yesterday that Syndicate had been refused classification in Australia, EA have released an official statement noting that they will not be appealing the decision, making the choice not to modify the game and re-submit to the board.

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Need for Speed: World offers $100 DLC


Yep. You read that correctly. EA is offering players of their free-to-play MMO racer Need for Speed: World the chance to pay $100 for an ‘elite’ in game car. One hundred dollars of real money for a virtual DLC car. The car on offer is the CCX “Elite” Edition car, and for $100, that’s all you get. One car.

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Showtime announced as sixth Sims 3 expansion


Just when you thought there might be an end in sight to the Sims 3 expansions, EA announces the sixth expansion for their ever popular franchise The Sims 3. Entitled ‘Showtime’, the new expansion comes chock full of new features and items, and will enable your sims to embrace their inner rockstar and entertainer. Your sim can now live the dream life as a singer, performer, magician or DJ, with the expansion also providing you the opportunity to build your own venues – from concert halls, to stadium or clubs.

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EA facing class action for failing to provide promised free copies of Battlefield 1943


The old addage ‘don’t make promises you can’t keep’ rings very true for EA, who have been hit with a class action lawsuit for failing to provide promised free copies of Battlefield 1943 with Battlefield 3. Before the launch of Battlefield 3, EA promised PS3 gamers would get a free copy of Battlefield 1943, a promise which has since been broken.

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EA partners with Adidas to create shoes for Need For Speed: The Run


Apparently video game releases aren’t complete these days without some kind of wacky tie-in, and the newest partnership with EA games and Adidas has to be about the weirdest one we’ve seen in recent months. EA games and Adidas have partnered to produce a limited run of shoes – yes, shoes – for EA’s upcoming racing release Need for Speed: The Run.

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Battlefield 3 Beta Now Live; Origin site meltdown


The Battlefield 3 Beta is now live and open to all, and predictibly the Origin site has gone into meltdown. If you haven’t downloaded the Beta yet and want to, head on over to AusGamers who have very kindly provided a download link on their own website. They’ve also listed other sites where you can find a download of the Beta.

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