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Double RP and money for Contact Missions over the next week in GTA Online

If you like nothing better than earning RP and $$ on GTA Online then today is your lucky day, as it has been anounced that from today until February 25, you can earn double RP and cash for Contact Missions, since many people like to make money on this games or outside like in Casino games from sites as sbobet online which are great for this.

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Mainstream Media Misrepresentations Cause Games Harm

By now, nearly everyone in the gaming world would have heard of the decision by Target and K-mart in Australia to stop the sale of Grand Theft Auto 5. This decision came after news broke of a group of former sex workers using online petitioning site, to call on Target to stop selling the game. You can read an updated version of the story after their ‘success’ here. According to the petition, GTA 5 “encourages players to murder women for entertainment” and after the article appeared on the amount of signatures on the petition swelled to over forty […]

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