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Review: Hand of Fate

6 out of 10 Sound

There are games that are influential from inception; seminal works that break new ground, creating a distinct flavour that can be tasted in the games they influence. Sometimes they share traits that are easy to spot as common, but it isn’t always obvious.

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Ex Rare Ltd. Devs Create ‘Playtonic Games’

Playtonic is a new independent game development studio formed entirely of staff who once worked for Rare Ltd., the creators of Donkey Kong Country and Banjo Kazooie.

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New Metrocide video and pricing announced

Get excited for this news announcement – Flat Earth Games have revealed today a new video walkthrough for their upcoming top-down, arcade stealth shooter Metrocide. Pricing for the game has also been announced.

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Here are your IGF Student Showcase winners

As we’ve probably mentioned, Save Game loves independent games, particularly when they’re made by promising students, so here are the winners of the 2014 Independent Games Festival student competition.

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Interview – Loki Davison about Wander

In the wide, vast world of video games, it’s very difficult to hit on a unique, completely unseen hook that gamers have never experienced before. With years and sometimes decades under our belts, we as gamers have been exposed to a wide variety of concepts and ideas. Some have worked, some haven’t, and some stand as examples of gaming at its absolute finest. Wander is one such example of a unique, intriguing concept. Put simply, Wander is a collaborative, non-competitive, non-combat MMO game focused on exploration. Yes, you read that correctly – an MMO that is not based on combat. […]

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Interview – Sanatana Mishra about Assault Android Cactus

If you like your PC games fast, energetic, challenging and fun, Assault Android Cactus had better be on your watch list. The game is a twin stick shoot ’em up which features insane amounts of enemies on screen at any one time, and dazzles with eye-catching visuals. With support for up to 4 players at once, Assault Android Cactus is absolute bundles of fun and perfect for social gaming sessions. I recently caught up with Sanatana Mishra, the design guru from Witch Beam, the Brisbane based team responsible for Assault Android Cactus.

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Glare is Bright, Brilliant, Shiny and Various Other Light Descriptive Adjectives

  Everyone at PAX was super excited about all the big name things coming out.  I’m included in this.  I’m all a titter over The Elder Scrolls Online, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag and any number of the titles that usually get the spotlight, but one of the games that outshined the rest for me was Glare, a side scrolling action platformer from Phobic Studios.

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PAX Indie Roundup

One of the coolest things about PAX is that independent developers really have a place to shine on the show floor.  Some are scattered about, but most will be found in the Indie Megabooth, which is where I spent a lot of my time.  I saw a lot of games while I was there, and all of them had something unique and interesting to offer.  Here are are just a few of those that really stood out for me, though there are plenty more on the way to be excited about.  

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