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Save Game’s Mass Effect Squadmate cocktails: The best drinks this side of the Citadel

It’s been a few months since the release of Mass Effect 3. In that time, there’s been a huge reaction to the game – with fans finding every available way to let their thoughts and opinions be heard. From the official forums, to petitions, to twitter and even open letters – if you’ve spent any time online over the last few weeks you will have been guaranteed to find some discussion related to Mass Effect 3. Rather than weigh in on the various discussions currently raging about the game, we here at Save Game thought we’d do something different, because […]

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Grab some Mass Effect with your Final Fantasy XIII-2 experience


It really does feel like Mass effect 3 is everywhere these days, and a report from Siliconera that Mass Effect themed DLC will soon be available for Final Fantasy XIII-2 is doing nothing to dispel that feeling. Siliconera, citing anonymous sources, is reporting that a Mass Effect themed costume has been made especially for Square Enix’s recent release.

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ME3 Demo Impressions


There are minor spoilers within this article based on the content of the demo. If you wish to go into Mass Effect 3 completely pure, then do not read! I’ve spent almost a week with the Mass Effect 3 demo now. All it is telling me is that I can’t wait any longer for this game. I need it now. I must find out how it ends, even if that is in multiple possible ways. And I must have my happily ever after with a certain marine and a certain raven haired biotic. There isn’t much to this short demo […]

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Mass Effect Homepage gets Massive Update


Earlier today, Bioware rolled out a massive (get it?) update to their Mass Effect homepage. Along with some beautiful new artwork, and extensive new details on the game’s characters and settings, the revised website has five new videos, each focusing on a key element of Mass Effect 3. Read on to watch the videos, but be warned… you’re gonna be spoiled, and you’re probably gonna have an accident in your pants. Consider yourself warned.    

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Mass Effect returning to iOS


Earlier today, EA held its Spring Showcase in New York City. It was mostly a chance for COO Peter Moore to talk about how awesome his company is, but some actual news did sneak out of the event. Mass Effect lead writer Mac Walters was on hand to present two new applications which will bring Mass Effect back into the iOS mobile market in a big way. Read on for the details.  

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Mass Effect for the RPG virgin


When I met my new friend Tash, she told me that she likes to play video games. I thought she was pretty cool, and I liked that she wore her gamer status with pride. When I admitted that I occasionally play games, she asked me which ones. I blushed and responded in sotto voice “You know, Civilization, Prince of Persia, Wii games…” Despite my very low gamer street cred, Tash welcomed me into her fold. She proceeded to encourage me to write about the games I play (like Angry Birds on my iPhone) and to try out other games, like […]

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Mass Effect 3 Demo releasing February 14


One of our most hotly anticipated titles now has a confirmed release date for its demo – and that date is February 14. That’s right, fellow maffectites (mass effect-ites, get it?) the day to tell your friends to quit bothering you to go out because you have a galaxy to save from a highly advanced machine race of synthetic/organic starships is the 14th of February.

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Mass Effect: Homeworlds comic series incoming


We really should have named today Mass Effect News day – with yet more information concerning the Mass Effect verse released. Bioware and Dark Horse have announced they are joining forces once again to create another comic series set within the Mass Effect Universe. This latest comic installment, called Mass Effect: Homeworlds, will feature main characters of the game, with each issue centering around a different character.

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Fan Made Mass Effect Monopoly board is amazing; wins internet


We here at Save Game have seen a lot of fan-made gamer-themed projects. Some have been good. Some….better forgotten. But this Mass Effect themed Monopoly set made by TommyFilth has absolutely blown us away and left our jaws hanging on the floor.

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Mobile Monday: Mass Effect Galaxy


It’s no secret that I am a Mass Effect fan. The amount of Mass Effect related memorabilia and licensed products that currently take up a large proportion of my lounge room attests to that. So when Mass Effect: Galaxy arrived on the iOS platform more than a year ago, I was both excited and disappointed. Excited that the Mass Effect brand was expanding, and disappointed I wouldn’t be able to experience the game because I did not own a smartphone. One month ago I joined the ranks of iPhone owners, and the first game related app I downloaded was Mass […]

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