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Interview with Michael Read, Producer at Crytek

The technology in the XBox One is leaps ahead of the 360, which has given Crytek a chance to push things even further. What are you most excited about in creating games for the next gen consoles? We’re really excited about pushing the visual fidelity for the living room. Given our past history with the Crysis series, each one of those games has always pushed the PC hardware beyond its limits. Now, depends on who you’re talking to, some people are really excited about the amount of RAM and the processing power and you then go to the R&D guys […]

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Crysis 3 Interview with Producer Mike Read


At the recent EA Showcase, Clare had the opportunity to interview Mike Read, the Producer of Crytek and EA’s Crysis 3, where they spoke about level design, weapons, environments and multiplayer. The full transcript is below.

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