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Dragon Age Inquisition was BioWare’s Most Successful Launch Ever

  Dragon Age Inquisition was the most successful launch in BioWare’s history, according to a recent EA earnings report.

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Today, you can finally play SimCity offline

In related news, hell has frozen over.  Yes, the fix that Maxis once declared impossible has become a reality.  SimCity can now be played without an internet connection.  This isn’t due to a hack or a rushed patch, either.  The new SimCity offline mode is a robust, fully featured update.  Oh, and it’s free.  Read on for the details.

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Single player offline mode finally coming to SimCity

Hey, better late than never… right?  Nearly a year after one of the most contentious, problem filled launches in video game history, EA and Maxis have decided to do what they probably should have done a long, loooong time ago.  They’re adding a single player offline mode to SimCity.  Read on for the details.

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Will extensive DRM restrictions hurt SimCity sales?

The long-awaited, eagerly anticipated relaunch of the classic PC city building game SimCity (now owned by Electronic Arts) on March 5 has been highly touted for its 3D graphics, multiplayer functionality, and powerful new GlassBox engine. In a recent article subtitled “the story behind one of the year’s biggest games,” enthused, “It’s fair to say that the new SimCity is attracting a lot of excitement.”

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Hands on with Crysis 3 and Sim City

At the recent EA Showcase held in Sydney, Clare had the opportunity to preview some of the most highly anticipated games releasing in 2013 from EA. Of particular interest were Crysis 3 and SimCity, two high profile titles that are destined to make quite the impact when they release next year. Keep reading for Clare’s thoughts on both titles.

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