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BREAKING: Ubisoft to show games at E3 2013


I keep getting this feeling like E3 2013 is gonna be sort of a big deal, you know?  Ubisoft seems to agree, as they’ve announced the lineup for their big E3 press conference, and it reads like the menu of a five star restaurant.  Read on for the details.

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Anno Online Now in Open Beta – Build! Build, I Say!

  Recently I had a chance to check out the closed beta for Anno Online, the new free to play city building browser game from Ubisoft Blue Byte, and now you can too since the beta is now open for all to enjoy!

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Shiver me timbers, it’s Assassin’s Creed 4!

Well, that was quick. What started out as rumor yesterday has been confirmed today.  Assassin’s Creed 4 is a real thing, and we’ll be learning more about it very soon.  Read on for the details.

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New details on Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs

If you watched the recent PS4 announcement presentation you will have likely seen a teaser of Ubisoft’s upcoming game Watch Dogs. And if you were like me, you would probably have been wondering why that game isn’t released right now and how unfair it is that you can’t be playing it as we speak. Thankfully, for all those like me who just can’t wait to play this game, Ubisoft have provided a few more details about Watch Dogs to tide us over until its release.

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Might and Magic Dual of Champions now on iPad

Hold onto your decks, online card game fans, as Ubisoft have announced that Might and Magic Dual of Champions – the free-to-play online card game – is now available on iPad 2 and above.

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Far Cry 3 Review

Far Cry 3 is a deep, violent and drug-fuelled venture into a lush, tropical island with an unforgiving and dominant underworld. Aside from Rook Island’s dark pretences, you play how you want to play, do exactly what you want to do and as a result your experience will be entirely unique. You can fight your way through the main quest armed with the weapon of your choosing, or maybe explore ancient ruins, dive into mysterious caves, tackle bullsharks or walk among locals. Rook Island is yours – well, aside from the pirates, madmen and an inescapable principle of violence.

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Assassin’s Creed 3 Review: Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.

It’s here, the long awaited third numbered game in the franchise, which sees a new assassin finally arriving after three Ezio games. Do we finally get our answers to the burning question of the past 4 games?  Did the newest assassin measure up to the lineage of Ezio and Altair? Did Desmond’s story come to a fitting conclusion?  Yes… and no.  It’s a bit of a mixed bag sadly, when there was so much potential.

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Gangnam Style available on Just Dance 4 now

It’s the dance craze that’s sweeping the nation as thoroughly as the Macarena did a decade before it – and if you haven’t heard about Gangnam Style you must have been ensconsced in a cave these past few months. Not content to invade our tv’s, itunes and radio’s, Gangnam Style has now made the transition to video games – featuring in Ubisoft‘s Just Dance 4. Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ is now available as DLC for Just Dance 4 for Kinect for Xbox 360, Move for PS3 and the Wii. The DLC will also be available for the Wii U at a […]

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Ubisoft announces European Vita Lineup


Ubisoft have announced their launch title line-up for the European release of the PS Vita, and the games on offer are quite an ecclectic list. From puzzlers to platformers, racers to rhythm games, Ubisoft seems to have included something for everyone.

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New I am Alive Trailer doles out the post apocalyptic survival hints


I like to think I’d be pretty handy in a post-apocalyptic situation – I’m even-tempered, keep calm in tense situations, and I know how to load a shotgun in 2 seconds flat. But even if I wasn’t prepared for the inevitable apocalypse, it’s good to know Ubisoft has me covered. For the newest of their trailers showcasing their upcoming PSN/XBLA game I Am Alive, they’ve handily collated a few tips for surviving in a post-apocalyptic world.

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