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Gamescom Trailerpalooza! Microsoft Edition

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  The world’s biggest gaming convention has kicked off in Cologne, Germany, and industry heavyweights are starting to show off their latest and greatest games.  Microsoft was first to take the Gamescom stages earlier today, and in case you couldn’t catch the press conference, Trailerpalooza is here to show you everything you missed.  Read on to start the show.

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E3 2014 Trailerpalooza – Microsoft Edition

Yes, it’s that time again.  Gamer Christmas.  Also known as E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo.  We at Save Game cut through the filler every year, and deliver what you want most: game footage.  So read on to experience Trailerpalooza: everything that Microsoft had to show off at their big pre-E3 press conference.  Spoiler alert: Halo.  Halo everywhere.

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Microsoft launches improved Xbox Live Rewards program

Following on the heels of the recent switch from Microsoft Points to local currency, Microsoft have launched their all new Xbox Live Rewards program. And from the looks of things, there’s certainly some benefit in participating in the program.

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