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Tash is a self-diagnosed gaming fanatic with a doctorate in Psychology. She's also a self-confessed Mass Effect fangirl and will likely talk your ears off if you ever get her started on the subject. A lover of all things RPG and adventure, she has more gamer related action figures and memorabilia than any 30 something year old professional has a right to own, and has spent more time than she’d like to admit to daydreaming about exactly what she would do should the Zombie Apocalypse actually happen.

Save Game’s 12 Days of Christmas Gamer Gifts Guide – Day 2


Our 12 Days of Christmas Gamer Gifts Guide continues – with Day 2 providing something completely different to Day 1. But never fear – it’s still gamer themed – and would make a perfect gift for your favourite gaming buddy. Or is that buddy-ista? That’s right. We’ve got something for the ladies this time…..

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New Duke Nukem Forever DLC out now


Remember when that game that no-one thought was ever going to be released was released and then after all that time in development limbo it really wasn’t all that great? I’m of course talking about Duke Nukem Forever, and despite its rather lukewarm reception from gamers and reviewers alike, it seems the game sold enough copies to warrant more time spent on it in the form of DLC. That DLC, called ‘The Doctor who Cloned me’ is now available to download for the lovely price of $US10.

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Save Game’s 12 Days of Christmas Gamer Gifts Guide – Day 1


The countdown to Christmas has begun, and that means it’s time for Save Game’s 12 Days of Christmas Gamer Gifts Guide. Every day for the next 12 days, I’ll be spotlighting gamer-themed gifts that might just be the perfect Christmas gift for your gamer friend/partner/family member (or you might just want to buy them for yourself). I’ll cover everything from artwork to tshirts and even game-themed soap. So grab yourself some holiday eggnog, cut a slice of Christmas fruit cake and take a look at Day 1 of our 12 day feature.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 passes the $1 Billion in sales mark


You can almost hear the congratulatory hi-fives as Activision announces Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has hit the $1 billion dollars in sales mark in only 16 days. This eclipses the previous record held by Avatar, which reached the same milestone in 17 days.

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iOS receives Batman: Arkham City Lockdown App


If you’re an iOS device owner and a Batman fan – NetherRealm Studios has something you’re going to love. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have announced that Batman: Arkham City Lockdown, an app for iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch is now available via the App store. This is the first time the Batman: Arkham City franchise has featured on the App store. NetherRealm Studios, the devs responsible for the app, are bringing some very well known characters to the iOS – with The Joker, Two-Face and Solomon Grundy all making appearances.

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Double the Devil May Cry trailer magic


Two new trailers for Capcom and Ninja Theory’s upcoming release Devil May Cry have been released. The first shows off some combat gameplay, whilst the second focuses on the running and jumping and not freaking out over what’s happening gameplay. Both provide a good indication of how the game looks and how it will play. Check them both out below.

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Triple the special editions with Kingdoms of Amalur


Gone are the days where video games had one edition and that was that. Now gamers can choose from a whole range of special editions and limited editions and special limited collector’s signature diamond-plated editions with a variety of extra, geek-cred worthy additions. Usually, the fantastic items are reserved for RPG’s, and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is no exception. In addition to the standard version of the game, EA is releasing three separate special editions. Check out their contents below.

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Bring some Zimos magic to your character with Saints Row: The Third’s newest DLC pack


If you’re looking to bring a little Zimos style to your Saints Row: The Third character – THQ has you covered. The latest DLC pack, called ‘Z-Style DLC Pack’ includes a Zimos-inspired Suit as well as the very swish Bling Shotgun. And that’s not all on the DLC horizon. There’s also the Explosive Combat DLC Pack for those of you who want a little more bang for your buck regarding firepower.

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NVIDIA releases optimization guide for Skyrim


For those of you who are enjoying the magical wonder of Skyrim on PC, and are running an Nvidia GeForce graphics card, Nvidia have released an optimization guide to help you take your love for all things dragonborn to a whole new level. Featuring a whole bunch of helpful tips to sqeeze every little bit of performance out of your card, the guide provides some great tips on improving shadow quality and anisotropic filtering and all that other wonderful stuff that I, as a primarily console player, have absolutely no idea about.

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Germany’s Game Rating board outs Alan Wake’s XBLA title name


It really does feel like these days nothing can be kept secret for long, and the name of the upcoming standalone Alan Wake adventure for the XBLA is no exception. Due to be officially unveiled at this weekend’s VGA’s, it seems the exclusive has been revealed early by Germany’s video game rating board. According to their game rating for the title, the latest adventure in the Alan Wake series will be called American Nightmare.

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