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Tash is a self-diagnosed gaming fanatic with a doctorate in Psychology. She's also a self-confessed Mass Effect fangirl and will likely talk your ears off if you ever get her started on the subject. A lover of all things RPG and adventure, she has more gamer related action figures and memorabilia than any 30 something year old professional has a right to own, and has spent more time than she’d like to admit to daydreaming about exactly what she would do should the Zombie Apocalypse actually happen.

Jupiter’s Folly – Our thoughts and experiences #3


In the third and final of our thoughts and experiences with Jupiter’s Folly feature, I provide my opinion on the game. Read on to find out my thoughts and experiences.

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Mass Effect 3 storyline may be ‘tweaked’ following leaked plot details


Bioware co-founder Ray Muzyka has confirmed that changes to the Mass Effect 3 script may occur based on fan feedback surrounding the recently leaked script for the game. Muzyka stated in a recent interview with Eurogamer “If we can get ideas out of it that will make the game better, sure. We’re not adverse to taking feedback. Any time we get a good idea from fans…they’re our audience. They keep us in business.” Muzyka was also quick to point out that the leaked version of the script is not the final version, and that it has changed somewhat from what […]

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F1 2011 will be Vita EU Launch Title


Codemasters have announced that F1 2011 will be a launch title for the European release of the PS Vita on February 22. The game will also be a part of the launch lineup for the Japanese release happening December 17. To co-incide with the launch title announcement, the company has also released a new gameplay video, which will no doubt have all you F1 fanatics counting down the days to release. Check it out below.

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Syndicate ‘New England’ Co-op Trailer


I’ll admit it. I’m a co-op fan. Online competitive multiplayer horde mode might be where all the cool kids hang out these days, but I’ll always prefer some co-op play with my friends over that. And it looks like I’ll be able to enjoy an extra large helping of co-op fun times with Syndicate, if the latest trailer for the game is anything to go by.

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Need for Speed: The Run Golden Gate to Empire State Launch Trailer


Running on an empty tank? Don’t have much rev to your engine? Feeling like some racing action? Well you are in luck, as EA has just released a new trailer to co-incide with the launch of Need For Speed: The Run. Showing off the game’s gorgeous visuals and providing a little teaser as to what we can expect from the game, the trailer sure does a good job of selling the game. Check it out below.

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Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – Previously On Trailer


Been a while since you played any of the Assassin’s Creed games? A little blurry on just what’s happened in the series? Never fear – for the latest trailer provides a very good recap of what’s happened so far. It’s a great review for fans of the series – and for those of you thinking of jumping into the Assassin’s Creed universe via Revelations – it provides a good quick and dirty introduction. Check it out below, and start sharpening those assassins blades!

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Bullet Time Launch Trailer


Bullet Time is almost upon us, and to celebrate the upcoming November 17th launch of the iOS action-adventurer, Kiloo Games has released a new trailer, which gives gamers a taste of what they can expect from the title. The game offers multiple campaigns, a large, living 3D world with a variety of quests and hidden secrets, and can also be tackled with the help of some friends with 3 player co-op multiplayer supported. Take a look at the trailer below, and make sure you mark November 17th on your calender if you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod!

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L A Noire now available on PC


Good news for you PC players jonesing for some detective noire action – Rockstar and Team Bondi’s crime solving masterpiece LA Noire is now available for PC. Whether you live in North America, Europe or Australia – the game can now be enjoyed by gamers who prefer keyboard and mouse action to console shenanigans. To recap – the Complete Edition of LA Noire for the PC not only features the original full game, but also comes bundled with a multi-use code to access all the currently released DLC add-ons and cases. For the complete press release issued by Rockstar, check […]

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Saints Row: The Third – Pimps and Gimps Trailer


I could have included this trailer in with the other Saints Row: The Third trailer I posted, but I was afraid the site would crash from too much awesomeness in the one article. So here’s another Saints Row: The Third trailer, and this one has spacemen, gimps, zombies, dildo bats and farts in a jar. Oh and Burt Reynolds. Seriously. BURT. REYNOLDS. Just watch it.

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Bethesda Announces Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition


I’m shocked. I really am. Who’d have thought Bethesda would come out with an ‘Ultimate’ Edition of Fallout: New Vegas which includes all the DLC released so far?! The new edition features all DLC as well as the base game and will be released in Australia and New Zealand on February 9, 2012.

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