Beta feedback brings change to Battlefield Hardline

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With the release of Battlefield Hardline looming, developer Visceral Games has released an extensive list of changes they have made to the game, following last month’s public beta. While none of the changes are drastic, the combined result of them will be a game that plays and feels somewhat differently than the one experienced in the beta. Read on for the details.

The changes were announced earlier today in a blog post on the official Battlefield Hardline website. Thad Sasser, Lead Multiplayer Designer for the game, wrote that the team received an enormous about of feedback from the beta, and has been working hard to implement some much needed tweaks. While there are a number of changes being made, none are drastic or game changing. Most seem targeted at balance issues, and will hopefully make the final version of the game enjoyable for all when it launches. Check out the full list of changes below.


·  One hit kill range reduced for 870 and SPAS

·  Fire rate reduced for 870

·  More vertical recoil for 870

·  Recoil reduced for RO933

·  Damage reduced for Ro933

·  Vertical recoil added to M16A3 and M416

·  Increased P90 spread per shot

·  Improved Uzi un-aimed fire accuracy

·  Magnum Ammo OHK range reduced

·  Magnum Ammo vehicle damage reduced 50%


·  Moved G36C to Cops and M416 to criminals

·  Moved M/45 to cops and UMP to criminals


·  Rank progression slowed down by 50%

·  Repriced Battlepacks to cost more in-game cash

·  Weapon license increased to 1250 kill

·  Gold camo increased to 1000 kills


·  GPS spotting and jamming range for Hacker mode reduced

·  Overclock timing reduced for Hacker mode

Battlefield Hardline will be released on March 17th for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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