Bungie Watch: Yay More Leaks Edition


It’s been a long time since our last edition of Bungie Watch, and it’s not because we’ve been lazy.  There has literally been nothing of note to report since our last update all the way back in May. But ohhhhh man, has that ever changed.  Read on for the details.  And pictures!  Actual, offical images!

Well… more like “image.”  As in, singular.  Earlier today, in a news update on Bungie’s official site, they announced “that just happened… again.”  Anyone following Bungie knows what that means: a leak.  Back in May, leaked court documents spread all over the internet, detailing Bungie’s plans for its new multiplatform franchise, all but certainly titled Destiny.  This time, it’s another batch of internal documents and concept art leaked to IGN.  While not commenting on the IGN article, Bungie did release the following image.

Soooo… that’s pretty awesome.  In a Warhammer-meets-Sandpeople kinda way.  There are a ton of other images beginning to pop up online, but so far, this is the only one offered by Bungie.  I’ve decided not to republish the other pictures here, since there’s no way to know which ones actually reflect the finished game.  Some might represent discarded concepts, while others might even be from other games.  So for now, the above image is all we can say for sure is from Destiny.

However, that doesn’t mean I can’t speculate on the other images’ authenticity.  One image in particular caught my eye…

This particular image from the IGN article bears a stunning resemblance to something seen in a Bungie game years ago.  While playing through Halo 3 ODST back in 2009, players noticed the following poster hung in a few out of the way places.


Look familiar?  If the IGN image is legitimate  and I’m going to assume that it is, then it means that Bungie was leaving hints about its next franchise in plain sight over three years ago.  I should mention that Bungie’s fans are pretty smart folks, and even back in 2009, they were wondering whether “Destiny” was the title of Bungie’s next game.  It’s just interesting to see those early speculations (seemingly) confirmed.

Those same fans who figured out Destiny’s name years before the leaks began are also betting that Bungie’s new franchise will be unveiled at this years Video Game Awards, scheduled to air on December 7th.  Something tells me it will be our destiny to watch.

Get it?  Destiny?  Like the game?  I’m hilarious.

About the Author: (@Joe_of_the_Dead) Lead Editor, Writer

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