E3 2014 Trailerpalooza – EA Edition


E3 2014 Trailerpalooza got off to a great, if somewhat bloated start with a press conference from Microsoft, but EA wasn’t about to let Big Green steal the show.  They took the stage with brand new looks at Star Wars Battlefront, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Sims, and much more.  Read on to check out everything they had to show off.

We start off this edition of Trailerpalooza with a look at Star Wars Battlefront.  DICE takes us behind the scenes to show us how they’re bringing the Star Wars universe back to life.

Next up was another new look at Dragon Age: Inquisition, this time featuring a live cello player.  It’s unconfirmed at this time whether each copy of the game will come with its own cello player, but a feature like that would probably be limited to the collector’s edition.

We then got a peak at Dragon Age Inquisition’s gameplay.

And finally, a look at the game’s cast of characters.

Bioware wasn’t done, though.  They wrapped up their presentation by offering a teasing glimpse at not only a new Mass Effect game, but also their new IP, currently under development by the original Mass Effect team.

Next up is a new trailer for the Sims 4.

Maxis offered a live game demo of the game, which features a Sim literally laughing himself to death.

And now for something completely different… Bruce Lee in a UFC game.

Continuing with the sportage, here’s a new look at NHL 15.

Burnout developer Criterion then took the stage to tease their new IP, which features not just cars, but boats, helicopters, unicorns, wingsuits, ATVs and more  The unicorns are unconfirmed at this point, but come on… they gotta be in there somewhere, right?

Even more sports.  This time, “golf without limits,” which apparently means crossing golf with Battlefield 4.

EVEN MORE SPORTS!  Madden 15, with some all new somethings and such!

OK, sports is over. Take a look at Dawngate.

DICE has suddenly become the resurrector of beloved franchises.  Here’s a behind the scenes look at their reboot of Mirror’s Edge.

OH NO SPORTS IS BACK! This time, it’s FIFA 15.

Next, EA unveiled the next iteration in the Battlefield franchise, Hardline.  This game marks a departure from previous titles, abandoning military settings for cops and robbers.

While the trailer has been online for a few days now, EA showed off over six minutes of new gameplay.  Check it out below.

Now if you really really like corporate patter, or if you just enjoy watching people on stage trying to figure out what to do with their hands, you can watch the entire EA press conference below.  It might be worth it for Andrew Wilson’s vampiric appearance alone.  Seriously, check out those threads.  And that piercing, menacing glare.

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