Get your inner megalomaniac groove on with the Sim City disaster trailer


As much as I enjoy creating my own city, watching the population grow and develop and sharing in its triumphs and achievements, what I really love is seeing my society crumble in the wake of a massive disaster. Natural. Man made. Alien. It doesn’t matter – nothing beats the endorphin rush I get when I see my city beset with disasters. So you can imagine my delight at seeing the latest disaster trailer for Sim City.

Brought to you by Sim City Public Service Pictures, the latest video provides you with a little primer on how to deal with disasters. As the mayor of your fine city, you must be prepared for every eventuality, whether they be your stock standard disaster or something a little more…whimsical.

There are three things you must remember when it comes to providing for and protecting your people against disasters: firstly, you can never have too many fire stations. Secondly, lots of police makes your sims feel protected and gives you a better chance of ‘managing’ them. Thirdly, hospital funding is key because a healthy sim is a happy sim. Keeping those three points in mind will ensure you’re perfectly positioned to respond to any horrid disasters that may befall your fair city.

Alternatively you could completely ignore those tips and cackle in glee as you watch your hapless sims panic and flail as they struggle with earthquakes, meteor strikes and UFO invasions. Your choice.

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