Take a tour of Thedas in this new trailer for Dragon Age Inquisition

dragon-age-inquisition-bannerVideogames can make us cheer, make us shiver, make us laugh and make us weep.  They can move us in countless ways, reaching into our hearts and minds to touch our very souls.  Which is nice… but sometimes we just want to look at pretty things.  That’s what this new trailer for Dragon Age Inquisition is all about.  Read on to see it for yourself.

Our newest peak into the world of Dragon Age came earlier today in the form of an update on the Bioware Blog, appropriately titled “Discover Dragon Age.”  In the update, Bioware producer Cameron Lee explains that the new video is meant to show off some of the new locations you’ll be able to visit in the game.  Each area is a unique ecosystem, with its own predators and prey, friends and foes, and opportunities to strengthen your inquisition.

He also sheds a little more light on the way choices will affect the different areas you journey to.  The population of Thedas will react to an emergent system which tracks your decisions, and adjusts the world accordingly.  Fail to ambush bandits in one area, and you might see them raiding a village in the next.  Hide from a passing giant, and see him feasting on a bear later on.

The video really gives you an idea of how far the game’s design has come from Dragon Age 2.  The power of the Frostbite engine is on full display, with high levels of detail and polish.  Also, keep an eye out for the game’s dynamic weather system, which can form rain puddles on the ground, or make trees sway in the wind.  Doesn’t sound all that impressive on paper, I know… so just have a look for yourself.

Putting aside some rather striking similarities to Skyrim, the world of Dragon Age Inquisition seems to be coming together rather nicely. It almost looks like the kind of place I’d like to visit.  Except for the rampaging ogres and giant tears in the sky raining down untold horrors, of course.  Oh, and did you catch those little Fennec Fox looking things?

fennec1That high pitched sound you just heard was Jen squealing, overcome by cute.

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