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OUYA celebrates its 500th game

For all of you out there who placed bets on the Ouya console crashing and burning, I think it’s about time to pay up.  The little console that could has surpassed a significant milestone: 500 games available for download.  The folks behind Ouya have put together a little video to celebrate, so read on and check it out.

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Check out the first gameplay footage for The Long Dark

Survival games usually involve a lot more than just surviving.  There’s the zombie killing, and the alien conquering, and the evil global corporation toppling.  But a new indie game called The Long Dark is something different.  The Long Dark is all about survival, pure and simple, and we’ve got an early look at some gameplay after the jump…

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Hey everybody, it’s the Not On Steam Sale!

I love steam.  You love Steam.  Everybody loves Steam.  It’s a great place to buy games, sell games, make friends, and wait for Half Life 3.  But not every game is on Steam.  That’s where Not On Steam comes in.  They’ve got some amazing games on sale right now that you can’t find on Steam.  Read on for the details.

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The Novelist getting closer to release

Hey, so remember The Novelist?  The game, in which you play a ghost trying to help guide the lives of a troubled family, is getting closer to a release date.  Kent Hudson, the independent developer behind the game, has provided an update on where development on The Novelist stands.  Read on for the details.

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Introducing The Novelist, a new game by Kent Hudson

The name might not be familiar, but his games surely are.  Kent Hudson was a senior designer for AAA titles like Deus Ex: Invisible War and Bioshock 2 before he left the world of corporate studios behind to try his hand at independent development.  The Novelist is the result of that decision, and it looks like it might be something quite special.

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PAX Aus Indie Showcase winners announced


The countdown is on to what is the biggest gaming festival that Australia has seen in…well…ever. PAX Australia will be delighting gamers everywhere on July 19-21 and the announcements have already started. Up first, the PAX Aus Indie Showcase winners have been announced.

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Defense Grid: Containment bringing more aliens to steal your cores

Good news for PC fans of Defense Grid, the popular and award-winning tower defense game in which players fend off waves of increasingly challenging aliens trying to steal their energy cores.

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ThatGameCompany announces independence after raising $5.5m


In a mighty, Herculean effort, thatgamecompany, best known for their quirky titles Journey, Flower and Flow, has managed to raise $5.5 million with the help of a large investment from Benchmark Capital. This kind of moolah will enable the developers to become totally independent. And what does this mean? Potentially no more PSN exclusive games. Good news for Xbox fans, perhaps not so good news for Playstation fanboys wanting to keep the unique experiences the developers are known for creating only for PS3 owners.

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Dear Esther Released, Turns a Profit


About a month ago, we ran a story about a little known indie game by the name of Dear Esther.  At the time, THECHINESEROOM, developers of the unique first person adventure game which began life as a homemade mod for Half Life 2, were gearing up for a retail launch on Steam. Well, the release has come and gone, and after just one day of availibility, the project is already in the black. Read on for the details.  

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Humble Indie Bundle 4 Not So Humble With $2 Million Earned


Adding 5 new games, the Humble Indie Bundle 4 took in over $2 million in profits this week. The games included in the bundle are Super Meat Boy, Jamestown, Nightsky, Bit Trip Runner and Shank.  

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