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Temple Run 2 now available in U.S. App Store

The sequel to the popular endless runner game was just released in the U.S. Apple Store for the iPhone and iPad — and it’s currently free!

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Might and Magic Dual of Champions now on iPad

Hold onto your decks, online card game fans, as Ubisoft have announced that Might and Magic Dual of Champions – the free-to-play online card game – is now available on iPad 2 and above.

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Nvidia Unveils New Handheld Console Tablet… Thing

The handheld videogame market has always been a tough nut to crack.  For every success, there seems to be a dozen failures.  But that never seems to stop new companies from trying to soar where others have crashed and burned.  This year’s challenger comes from an unlikely place: chip maker Nvidia.  Read on for all the details.

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The Simpsons: Tapped out transformed into a winter wonderland

If the twinkle of multicoloured lights, the jingle of bells and the smell of eggnog and fruitcake didn’t tip you off, Christmas will soon be upon us. And what does that mean to gamers? Christmas themed transformations, of course! And the latest town to receive some Christmas cheer is Springfield – with EA unveiling the newest update to its popular freemium title, The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

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Borderlands Legends for iOS coming October 31


If you are one of those gamers who can’t get enough of Borderlands and you own an iOS device – congratulations your day has been made. 2K Games and Gearbox Software have announced Borderlands Legends – a new Borderlands experience specifically designed for iOS mobile devices will be available to download October 31st.

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Muffin Knight now features online multiplayer


Angry Mob Games have updated their fantastic iOS title Muffin Knight to include an online multiplayer element. Players are now able to play versus matches against people worldwide to see who can collect the most muffins. The update also allows players to switch from single player to multiplayer seamlessly.

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Bullet Time for the iOS gets customization trailer


Kiloo Games have released a new trailer for their upcoming iOS game Bullet Time, showing the very in-depth customization options available for the action-adventurer. The game has you playing as John Irish in a post-apocalyptic world where mutated beasts have reduced humanity to only a few survivors scattered about the globe. Irish must rescue his family who have been abducted by said mutated beasts. Check out the trailer below.

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