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Rage’s mandatory 8GB install on PS3’s


How lovely will those pretty Rage graphics look on PS3’s come launch? As lovely as a mandatory 8GB install. According to Games Radar’s translation of a PS Focus interview with Bethesda’s Tim Willits, the PS3 version of the game will require a mandatory install. The Xbox360’s install is a larger 22gig, but at least it’s optional.

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Saints Row: Money Shot details emerge


Information about new Saints Row content has emerged after the Australian Classification Board Website posted details of MA15+ rated content developed by THQ Digital Phoenix. According to MSXbox World the content will be hitting XBLA and will cast the player in the shoes of an assassin.

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Change in Driver: San Francisco DRM


It’s a case of if you didn’t like DRM A, now you’re getting DRM B this week after Ubisoft announced changes to the DRM featured in its upcoming Driver: San Francisco. Originally intending to launch the PC version of the game with DRM which would have required players to be connected to the internet at all times, Ubisoft has now revised that plan.

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More Duke Nukem from Gearbox


The latest Duke Nukem game might not have been everyone’s cup of tea (or bottle of bourbon) but that hasn’t prevented Gearbox from hinting they will be rebooting the series in the form of “the long-discussed Duke begins.” This game was apparently in the works before Gearbox acquired Forever.

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No more Slicey Slicey Fun for Ninja Gaiden


Don’t expect to be hacking through your enemies like a hell-powered Ninja badass when Ninja Gaiden 3 releases, as Team Ninja has revealed decapitations and dismemberments will not be included in their upcoming Gaiden 3 release.

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Fable 4 coming in 2013?


If you aren’t that interested in Lionhead and co’s upcoming Fable: The Journey, but still need your Albion fix, never fear. The Official Xbox Magazine is reporting that Fear 4 might be releasing sometime in 2013. No official word from anyone associated with the Fable series, but there is also speculation that Fable 4 might be a launch title for Microsoft’s as yet unannounced next-gen Xbox.

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No Xbox 360 Price Cut


If you were hoping to see an Xbox360 price cut coming hot on the heels of the PS3 and 3DS’s reductions in price – prepare to be disappointed. Microsoft’s UK Entertainment VP Chris Lewis has confirmed in an interview with VG247 that Microsoft doesn’t see any reason to reduce the Xbox360’s price.

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Gears of War 3 Opening Cinematic


Those of you waiting for new Gears 3 info – grab your favourite drink, kick back and check out the recently released opening cinematic. Narrated by Anya Stroud, the teaser details what has happened to Marcus and the other members of Delta Squad since the events of Gears 2. Check it out below.

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Portal DLC set for September


The first DLC for Portal 2 will be releasing mid-September and will be offered for free on all three platforms. Players can expect to be treated to a new challenge mode, playable in either single player or two player co-op, as well as new test chambers and leaderboards.

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Limited number of Old Republic copies at launch


Gamasutra have broken the news that EA will be placing a limit on the number of digital and physical copies of Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic available at launch. The reasoning behind the move is to ensure issues surrounding user numbers at launch are kept to a minimum.

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